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Sightsavers Fighting the Good Fight

Sightsavers Helps The Blind In More Ways Than One

Sightsavers is a world-renowned charitable organization which focuses on helping the visually impaired in third world countries. Through a large and creative variety of programs and initiatives, these helpers of the blind and near-blind work diligently all through the year to help those who are most in need.

One of their recent projects is called Education For All, and it is an education initiative that involves helping the school system in Sierra Leone to learn ways of dealing with disabled students. Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa there are old ideas and superstitions about the disabled which have proven hard to be to eliminate. Sightsavers is doing their best to give them the knowledge and skills that will allow them to truly change the system for the better.

One of the most moving stories that I have ever heard associated with sightsavers involves a certain province in India, where the rate of sexual assault is astronomically high. Naturally, if you are a female with a sight disorder, you are extremely vulnerable. Watching a video about this, we hear about how one girl was afraid to leave the house by herself. She says that she believed that she would always be afraid and unable to go anywhere alone. Until the good people at sightsavers helped her to learn Judo.

Sightsavers has been helping an organization called Tarun Sanskar with an initiative that involves teaching these vulnerable young girls the art of self defense. When you watch these girls having a spirited Judo match, you cannot even tell that they have any disability whatsoever. The psychological effect of this kind of training is enormous, as any practitioner of the martial arts will tell you. I must say that it is nothing short of inspiring to see these young women taking a proactive approach and learning how to fight instead of cowering at home.

Based on what the women in the video say, they have gained the same benefits from the martial arts that all dedicated practitioners gain. Confidence, self-respect, independence, and a deep sense of discipline are just part of what makes this a great idea.