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Jamie Foxx is Selected to Play Spawn in Upcoming Reboot

Academy Award-winning actor and stand-up comedian, Jamie Foxx, is expected to play the anti-hero Spawn in an upcoming reboot of the comic book adaptation. The first role of the title character was played by mixed martial artist and action star, Michael Jai White, back in 1997. It was reported that Jamie Foxx signed on to play the role and the film will be directed and written by the creator of Spawn himself, Mr. Todd McFarlane. The reboot will take on a new artistic direction as the story unfolds in media res. Jamie Foxx contacted as the first choice for the titular role by its casting director, Terri Taylor. Other cast mates set to join Jamie Foxx are yet to be revealed.


The comic book series began in May 1992 and was written and illustrated by Todd McFarlane, a world-renowned comic book artist and creator. The story focuses on Al Simmons, a Detroit, MI, native who served as an elite ‘Force Recon’ marine. The elite military force he served in was corrupted by the CIA and he knowingly killed a lot of innocent people. After Simmons’ close friend and black ops partner had killed him during a hired hit, he was cast down to Hell. Simmons sold his soul in return to see his beloved wife once again. He transformed into the quasi-demon Spawn after five years on earth and lost all of his memory of his former life. Spawn will be an R-Rated film and is scheduled to be released in theaters during 2019.