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The successful career of Glen Wakeman

With his more than 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurship industry, Glen Wakeman has created a name for himself. His entrepreneurial spirit and ideas of revolutionizing business have not gone unnoticed. He is recognized for having developed the M$As, the new performance methodologies as well as a guide for start-up companies. Glen Wakeman is the current chief executive officer of a SAAS company known as Launchpad Holdings LLC. He co-founded this corporation in the year 2015.


The success he prides in does not only come from his vast experience but his academic prowess as well. Glen Wakeman is a finance MBA holder from the University of Chicago, class of 1993. He also has a BS in economics and finance which he earned from the University of Scranton. His successful career began at GE Capital where he held developmental business positions. While here, he was recognized as the growth leadership role model by the board ( From GE Capital, he moved to Doral Financial Corporation where he would later become the president as well as its chief executive officer.


Glen Wakeman was also the president of Nova Four, a company he founded. The two-decade long career of Wakeman and his mentorship ability have resulted in the evolution of businesses. He has provided job opportunities to more than 17,000 individuals. He has also built over $15 billion worth of assets, a fact that culminates to success and development. The excellence that Glen Wakeman has leaped is a result of putting into use methodologies in human capital, governance, risk management, execution as well as in leadership.


Glen Wakeman continues to share his insights with the rest of the world given that he is a writer and an investor. He writes blogs on various topics such as emerging markets, strategy as well as management and administration. He is very much interested in the aspects of business innovation in the ever evolving global market. Glen Wakeman has resided in more than six countries in the world and has had operational business in 30 countries. His leadership has been crowned with international awards.