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Gregory Aziz Transforms National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is an Ontario based business person focused on the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. He started by joining his parent’s food distribution venture where he gained the basis of becoming a successful business mogul. The commercial food venture became a huge importer of fresh foods from all over Europe and South America to the United States. Later, Greg Aziz went to New York where he utilized his economics degree by working for various banks in the 80s.


National steel car the company that Gregory J Aziz is C.E.O. of has been in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars for about a century. Since buying the firm in 1994, James Aziz has transformed the company into the leading enterprise in the industry boasting over 3000 employees. Its commitment to excellence and drive to increase productivity and safety in its engineering process has propelled the company to become the only railroad car manufacturer to be ISO certified in North America.

Greg James Aziz’s commitment to quality and efficiency has been recognized on many occasions by being awarded the highest quality award by TTX SECO on numerous occasions. He has proved his impressive, innovative ability, value driven passion for increased productivity to his customers by making National Steel Car the leading railcar manufacturer I North America and Canada. The recent North America harmonized regulations on safer next generation rail tank cars were welcomed by National Steel Cars who are prepared to honor the new standards of transporting flammable liquids.


The company is built on the need to serve people. That is why it sponsors the Hamilton community by donating to various charities like the Salvation Army. This philanthropic work is Greg’s determination to make a difference in the world in whichever way possible. Such character is evident in his business where his loyalty to customers is key to the high on-time delivery goal that all who work with are proud. Greg also honors his staff for the hard work they do at his company by hosting them for an annual Christmas party where they and their families spend time enjoying food and drinks.