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Perry Mandera: Using His Successful Business To Support The Needy

Chicago native and Marine Corp veteran Perry Mandera is a very successful businessman, a caring Christian and a philanthropist committed to helping as many people as possible. After learning to drive trucks in the Marine Corp, Mandera went on to found the full-service transportation business The Custom Companies in 1986. With a staff of more than 300, its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois and offices in Los Angeles, California, and several other cities around the country, the company has brought in more than $200 million. Mandera has used a large portion of that money to support charitable causes and organizations through his Custom Cares Charities.

The Custom Companies is a full-services transportation provider that operates 24/7 offering a wide range of transportation services to companies large and small. With one phone call companies can get the reliable, affordable services they need to solve all their transportation problems. Plus, The Custom Companies now offers warehousing, labeling, routing and distribution services as well. Through their 33 major distribution centers, Mandera’s company provides access to their over 5,000 trucking partners. Mandera owns a fleet of fully-equipped trucks with the most advanced satellite tracking technology.

The Illinois Transportation Association named Perry Mandera to their list of ‘Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium‘ in 2000 because of the innovation, excellent business plan and strategy, amazing transportation options and customer service his company provides. Mandera stresses accuracy in their billing and tracing practices and professionalism, courtesy, honesty and confidentiality when dealing with customers. That commitment to quality service has put Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies head and shoulders above the competition.

Giving back to the community and supporting people in need is just as important to Perry Mandera as his business success. Mandera cheerfully gives to countless charitable organizations including the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, Special Olympics and organizations serving veterans and underprivileged children and those involved in AIDS and cancer research. Perry Mandera coaches youth sports, makes a special effort to hire veterans and supports natural disaster victims. This winter he gave 6,500 coats to Chicago area children.