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Dr. Mark Mofid Is Proving That Plastic Surgery Is An Art That Can Be Mastered

Dr. Mark Mofid has been performing plastic surgery for many years and today he is a highly regarded professional that is sought out regularly for his advice and his work. Most people who are looking into plastic surgery want to go to the very best to ensure their own results are good, which is why people go to Mark. Not only does Mark produce some of the best results int he industry, but he has made several advancements in the techniques that are used in plastic surgery, making the field safer than ever. On top of this, Mark has also developed a new type of implant that is much better for the body and doesn’t get rejected or break down over time.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been board certified an licensed to practice plastic surgery as well as general surgery, and he can be found at hospitals in the San Diego are working as a staff surgeon. His incredible medical skills and high standards for taking care of patients is no small thing and has opportunities coming for him left and right. Mark Mofid also never misses a chance to speak at plastic surgery conventions or events around the country, as all of the latest ideas and methods will be discussed. Mark is always looking for ways to improve the industry and help build its name.

This is because the standards are not up to par with what he expected when he first started in plastic surgery. Not only were many of the implants on the market generic, but many of the methods people used to perform surgery were not best for their patients. Things have changed dramatically over the past decade, but Dr. Mark Mofid has no plans to get comfortable. Day and night, Mark is working to develop safer methods for surgery, which he regularly shares with colleagues to help improve everyone’s work and give clients around the country the best experience possible. The more people can come to respect plastic surgery and understand the art is not dangerous, the more Mark’s services will come into demand.

Knowing More About The Orthopedic Expert Dr. Greg Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is known for performing complex spinal problems that are associated with degenerative as well as developmental disorders that are related to the spine. This is because surgical care tends to span the complete spectrum of spinal disorders that may be in children or adults. These would include spinal deformity besides degenerative disease as well as trauma, tumors, along with infections.


Dr. Greg Finch makes use of the most advanced techniques in surgery. But he emphasizes on noninvasive treatments for these spinal conditions as well as preventive medicine. He provides treatment for several conditions that may affect the spinal cord. These include the degenerative conditions of the spine. This can also be referred as the osteoarthritis of the spine. There can be a multitude of complex spinal problems that may be associated with any previous failed surgery. There may be scoliosis in children or even in adults.


Dr. Greg Finch is an expert in spinal reconstructive procedures. He is skilled in cervical as well as lumbar herniated discs along with spinal stenosis. Next is spondylolisthesis, besides growth disorders as well as neuromuscular diseases that are associated with the spinal cord. Treatments are required for spinal column tumors as well as spinal fractures. There may be congenital conditions, like spina bifida, that may require treatment. Next are the spinal vascular abnormalities.


Orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch have to work closely with neurologists, as well as rehabilitation medicine physicians, along with radiologists in order to ensure an accurate diagnosis. He believes in taking a personalized approach to treatment as each patient is important for him.


He believes in nonsurgical therapies as well as pain medication too. In the case of patients having severe back, neck, or even leg pain that may be due to a herniated disc, or a spinal stenosis, treatment would include epidural injections that will be delivered by interventional radiologists.