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Details Emerging from Inmates Escape

On June 6th, two inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York made a daring escape. The inmates, who were both convicted of murder charges, were on the run from authorities on a chase that lasted for a little over three weeks. Hundreds of law enforcement officials from all kinds of agencies took part in the manhunt for the two inmates. Just last week, 49-year-old Richard Matt was found and killed after he refused to drop the gun he was holding. A few days after that, 35-year-old David Sweat was located and shot after he refused to stop running towards a wooded area. Folks at Beneful say now that Sweat is back in police custody, details are emerging about their plans and their time on the run.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the two men had stuck together until the last week. It was during the last week that Sweat said Matt’s feet were blistering and he was slowing them down. During their time together, the two broke into hunting cabins along the way. It is suspected that they stole black pepper to use to throw hunting dogs off of their trail. Their original plan was to have prison worker Joyce Mitchell, who assisted in their breakout, to drive them down to Mexico where the three would live together. That plan went out the window when Mitchell backed out.