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Flip or Flop Stars End Marriage and Hit Television Show

Tarek and Christina El Moussa seemed like the perfect couple. They had a hit show on HGTV that millions of people tuned in to watch each week. With new baby Brayden, their life seemed perfect. Their two kids were their world as well as flipping houses. She had the ‘girl next door charm,’ and he was the doting husband. How could something so perfect end so horribly?


They shocked the world when they announced before Christmas that they had been separated since May of 2016. Today, Tarek filed for divorce from the sassy blonde. Many people are wondering what is going to happen to their show at this point. Though HGTV has released a statement that they will fulfill their obligations, it seems these days they can’t even be in the same room.


There are rumors of infidelity floating around, and Christina has admitted she has a boyfriend, a contractor that worked for them. Then there was that police report that created all the buzz. Apparently, Tarek was suicidal last May, which is what feuded them to split in the first place. Christina is living in the family home, and Tarek has rented a place in Orange County.


They are both under contract with HGTV until the end of 2017. If they leave and don’t finish their obligations, the network has already said that they will be forced to sue. This show brings in plenty of fans. A major upset like this could be devastating to the network, especially since this is not the first scandal they have had to deal with.


What is even more sad is that many people never knew who these two were. Now, they are all over magazine covers and the news. They have more attention than ever before. A friend of the family told reporters that HGTV is trying to get them to reconcile for the sake of the show. However, with Tarek filing for divorce, it appears that they are going their separate ways for good. It seems this marriage was a flop that couldn’t be flipped into something workable.