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Cone Marshall: A Leading New Zealand Trust, Estate, and Tax Law Firm

Founded in 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand, Cone Marshall has grown and developed into one of New Zealand’s best and biggest firms that deal with trust, estate, and tax. The firm works with international families and their advisers by offering advice in establishing trusts, partnerships, and companies in the firm’s home country of New Zealand. Additionally, Cone Marshall provides global wealth and tax planning guidance. The firm has always and still currently adheres to the highest principles of transparency regarding tax and trusts, and guarantees that all advice it gives clients is the best it can offer.

Geoffrey Cone, one of the big wigs over at Cone Marshall, has been providing international trust and tax planning, as well as well as trustee and trust management services since 1980. His expertise and knowledge has become known to many, as he was even elected spokesperson to represent the tax industry in his NZ a model of transparency article he wrote for a popular New Zealand paper.  This 2012 article which debunked the idea that New Zealand was a tax haven with some sort of secretive private banking industry. On the contrary, he pointed out the New Zealand is one of the original members of the 2002 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters, and that the country adheres to the principles of this agreement. He claims that the increase in foreign trusts in New Zealand is due to the country’s professional infrastructure, safe market, and economic jurisprudence.

Another key member of Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall. Prior to joining the firm in 2005, she worked for 10 years as a member of a Commercial Litigation department of a London law firm. She is known to have a wide variety of experience on managing trusts and currently serves as an adviser to two statutory trustee companies, and was promoted to a principal of the firm in 2006. Her experience with the firm even extends all the way up to being an acting directory of a trust company in the role of trustee.