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Taylor Swift Fans Rejoice: Her Entire Music Catalog Is Now on Streaming Services

Fans of Taylor Swift have many more reasons to be happy these days. The pop superstar singer just made her entire music catalog available on streaming services.


Big Hits Available Now


On Thursday, June 8, Taylor Nation announced via Twitter that Swift’s entire music catalog would suddenly become available to stream as the clock struck midnight that night:


“In celebration of 1989 selling over 10 million albums worldwide and the RIAA’s 100 million song certification, Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services tonight at midnight.”


This streaming access includes literally all of Swift’s music, such as her mega popular and highly acclaimed album 1989, which includes such hits as “Blank Space” and “Style.” The music is available to stream online with services such as Spotify,


Future Streaming Availability Unclear


It has not been announced whether the move to make all of Swift’s music available to stream will be permanent or just temporary. So for now, fans can listen to their hearts’ content.


At one point in the past, Swift’s music was available on streaming services. Then she pulled that in 2014. So the new announcement reflects a change of heart or change of pace. Either way, fans are rejoicing at the easy access to her music.


An Interesting Coincidence


Fans couldn’t help but notice that Swift’s release of her music via streaming services coincided with the exact moment that longstanding rival Katy Perry’s album was released. Whether this was a coincidence or not is uncertain. No matter what, Swift’s music is sure to be heard far and wide on streaming services.

Taylor Swift…Historian?

Although most of her songs happen to deal with modern romance, apparently Taylor Swift has history on the brain these days—at least, when it comes to her real estate. Back in 2015, the songstress purchased the beautiful Beverly Hills home of movie maestro Samuel Goldwyn. Although the seller had tried to get $39 million for it, Swift was able to sweep up the sale for a cool $25 million—talk about a deal!


Right away, Swift set about renovating the home—and then she got in contact with the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission to ask about making the home a Local Historic Landmark. Built in 1934, the property is located on Laurel Lane. Today, the Beverly Hills City Council is gong to approve Swift’s request, which will make the property eligible for all kinds of tax breaks. Boasting a swimming pool, five-car garage and tennis court, the property is suited for entertaining both modern stars and those from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Indeed, Samuel Goldwyn’s story—as a rags-to-riches Polish Jew coming to the United States to make it big—is like a movie in and of itself.


It’s not difficult to see why Swift was drawn to this home, which is perched up in a prime area of Beverly Hills. Central to everything in Los Angeles, it will be easy for Swift to come and go from this lovely house, and friends will love to stay in the ample guest accommodations. There is no doubt that Swift has made an excellent investment here; although the house certainly cost a lot, it is said that the young singer is worth upwards of $150 million, so affording this property was no problem for Ms. Swift.


Taylor Swift Donates to Louisiana Flood Victims

Taylor Swift showed she’s about more than just squad goals, PDA-packed pap strolls with Tom Hiddleston and snaps of her cats on Instagram. The “Shake It Off” singer recently pledged to donate one million dollars to the flood victims in Louisiana. While the full details of her donations haven’t emerged, a few organizations have publicly thanked her for her generosity.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank posted thank yous on Twitter and Instagram. According to the nonprofit, Swift donated $50,000 to them. This will greatly help the food bank, since its warehouse was flooded out and they lost many stores of food.

The Salvation Army also expressed gratitude to Taylor, thanking her for her generous donation.

It’s a much-needed gesture for the flood-devastated area. More than six trillion gallons of rain fell on Louisiana in a matter of days, destroying homes and businesses and taking the lives of 13 people. By donating money, Swift also raised awareness, which could drive more donations and encourage people to volunteer to help clean up the destruction.

In other, less serious Swift news, the singer is skipping the MTV Video Music Awards this year, even though she’s in New York — where the awards are being held.

Perhaps that’s a good thing, since Kanye West is expected to perform and is sure to take a swipe or two at Swift before the night is over.