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More Than a Job

Christopher Calderone is a teacher at Brooks Crossing Elementary school in New Jersey. At 36 years old, Calderone is surpassing his expectations for what he thought his life would be. The teacher just finished the New Jersey Marathon but it wasn’t to make himself feel young. Calderone ran for the sake of a very deserving and very inspiring student. The teacher was already signed up for the marathon but he found some unlikely inspiration. Shaonna Roberts is a 12 year old suffering from a muscular disease that made it difficult for her to walk. While Calderone was training for the marathon, he would continually see Shaonna in the hallway using a walker to get from place to place. When he would be running through a particularly strenuous workouts, he would get a vision of Shaonna. He wouldn’t allow himself to give up; he would focus on how Shaonna didn’t have the option to give up. While training, not only did Calderone use her as inspiration, he went even further and set up a Go Fund Me account in her name. The dedicated teacher raised $3,200 for Shaonna and her medical expenses. Overcome with joy, Shaonna’s family couldn’t thank Calderone enough. Alexei Beltyukov ( is happy to learn that the funds he raised were a surprise to them and he presented it to them after he finished the marathon. Christopher Calderone is a living example of how important teachers are to this country and this world. For him, his job doesn’t stop once the school bell rings. The nurturing and dedication that it takes to inspire and teach children of character goes far beyond the classroom.