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GreenSky Credit-A Valuable Financial Technology Lender

GreenSky LLC (formerly called GreenSky Trade Credit, LLC) was founded in 2006 as a financial technology organization based in Atlanta. It offers technology services to merchants and banks for making loans to customers. The loans could be for healthcare, home improvement, and solar purposes. GreenSky credit program gets its funding from state-chartered, federal, and federally-insured financial companies. GreenSky credit program has lent about $5 billion from 2012 to 2016.

How does the company operate?

GreenSky company exists among fintech companies such as Lending Club Corporation since it doesn’t spend its capital on loaning processes. The company makes loans available through its GreenSky mobile app to its merchant customers ranging from retailers to self-contractors who deal with items like furniture as well as advancing home services such as window replacement and roofing. GreenSky Credit firm offers other services such as elective medical procedures and the use of credit cards to cater for the enormous projects from its customers. It provides loans to its customers at a fixed period and a fixed interest rate which has contributed to its business expansion.

Capitalization and valuation

The organization was started in 2006. In 2016, the company generated a capital of $50 million and established a lending plan of $2 billion with Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Bancorp. The move led to GreenSky being rated at $3.6 billion, an improvement in its valuation since its 2014 $300 million fund-raising round. The earlier rounds included investors like QED Investors, TPG, Iciniq Capital, Wellington Management, and DST Global.

The valuation of GreenSky Credit in 2016 groups it among the most valued privately owned startups in financial technology. In 2018, the company set its IPO stipulations to 34.09 million stocks at $21-$23.

Employment and management

Currently, the firm has employed at least 1000 staff. The main representatives include;

  • David Zalik- co-founder and CEO since 2006
  • Tim Kaliban- Chief Risk Officer and president
  • Gerry Benjamin- Vice Chairman

An overview of David Zalik

Mr. David Zalik serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenSky, LLC. He is also the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Mr. Zalik has also co-founded other organizations like Phoenix, LLC, The Rockbridge Commercial Bank, and The Resource Institute. At RockBridge Commercial Bank, David Zalik was a Director. He worked in the Board of Directors on the Marcus Community Center, Hands on Atlanta, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Mr. David Zalik is a qualifier for 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year. Other awards he won include;

  • 2000- Abe Schwartz Young Leadership Award
  • 2003- Catalyst Year’s Entrepreneur Award

Talk Fusion is growing businesses through video marketing

In 2007 there was an app created to help businesses increase sales and profits. The app is called Talk Fusion and it allows video creation that assist with marketing. This app has become a business owners networking dream especially one who is constantly on the move. Even though the main component is video email, the app is continuing to grow and recently added a video chat feature. Being available in 140 countries, reaching a larger market in business has become easy with Talk Fusion. The app is downloadable on Apple and Android. Being able to share a video via email is guaranteed to get and keep any client, customer or partners attention over a traditional email. Videos can be recorded live or uploaded with the app. The app also allows for calls and messages to take place between friends and family and as long as Wifi, 3G or 4G are available, unlimited business or personal messages can be sent. Private meetings can be created and secured within the app. There is also an opportunity to host international video calls on mobile or desktop devices.


One of the differences with Talk Fusion is that it is ad free! That is definitely a bonus because most apps requires an additional fee to get rid of ads or doesn’t have the option for removing them at all. In addition, chat rooms can be started based on the country. That feature allows for chat invitations to be sent and the chat room is opened to multiple people and it shows who is active online. The chat also lets anyone send clear and blurry free picture messages. The conversations done through the chat can be saved and accessed another time if needed. Ultimately plenty of businesses have grown using Talk Fusion and professionals are enjoying using the app to get better engagement from clients. Anyone that is not currently using video email marketing should give them a try. Learn more:

Bob Reina: He Stands Tall

Bob Reina is one of those CEO’s and founders that just seems to stand head and shoulders above the competition and above the rest. The great thing about it, though, is the fact it comes so naturally to him. Some people were built for it, born for it, and really know how to do it. Bob Reina is one of those people. It is why it was such a natural fit for him to go from being a police officer into the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. It is hard to believe the company is now in its eleventh year. They have really done a lot of good in those eleven years for a lot of people.


It takes a while to build success, and Bob Reina knows this better than anyone else. Even though he was a natural fit and it came at the right time for him, it wasn’t like it came easy. If there is anything in life worth doing, it is going to be hard and there is going to be a lot of time that is needed to do it properly. However, as long as someone has the right instruments in their arsenal, they at least have a chance. Bob Reina is giving people a chance with so many video applications that are state of the art and people are running with this chance.


They are also enjoying the 30-day free trials. Whenever someone is going to do something that is new, it is always a little bit scary because of the unknown and they don’t know what to expect and how to work it. By giving them thirty days and by allowing them to interact with the customer service team over at Talk Fusion, they know they can see what they are in store for and what they can expect out of this great company.


Bob Reina truly wants the best for everyone, and he believes in this company. It is why he is always promoting Talk Fusion. He wants people to be made aware of it, so they can start enjoying it. Learn more:





Bob Reina: Dreams Are Worth It

The world has become very cynical these days and people like to stomp on other people’s dreams. They like to tell them why they can’t do something and they like to tell them why something is unrealistic or why it would never happen. Bob Reina is not that person. He supports people’s dreams all the way through until they finally achieve it. The man has even said that he gets paid in dreams. That is his payment. It goes to show he is in this for the people. This is not just something he is looking to do to fatten his own pockets.


Even when he does receive money, he looks for ways to give it back to other people. One of those ways is through giving 30-day free trials to people that have never used Talk Fusion. He wants them to get a little taste and a little glimpse of what awaits them if they fully commit to it after the 30-day free trial. The last thing Bob Reina wants to do is put any pressure on people. That is not the kind of person he is, at the end of the day. He is the opposite. He wants people to come to these conclusions on their own. He wants them to figure out. Once they do, he is more than willing to help.


I would be remiss if I did not mention all of the great charity work he has done with the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has given back to them countless times, and he has also paid vet bills for people that were unable to afford it. He has done all of this without wanting any press for it. He is not looking for a pat on the back or for people to tell him what a great guy he is. That is not Bob Reina’s style. Bob Reina’s style is to be true to himself and to be true to others. That is how he operates.


People can spot a phony a mile away and they see someone in Bob Reina that is one hundred and ten percent genuine in every single thing he attaches his name to as an individual. If the Bob Reina name is attached to it, you better believe it is the real deal and it is something special and unique. It is also going to be for the benefit of other people as well. Learn more: