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Texas Tornado Tore Lives Apart

Two weeks ago, Van, Texas was torn apart by a vicious tornado. Many people lost their lives because of the supernatural weather event, and many homes were destroyed during the tornado as well. Many stories emerged about the struggles of the survivors of the storm.

One particular story was about a baby infant that was nestled in her mother and father’s arms during the event. Both parents were killed, but the young baby survived because of the protection that her mother and father’s bodies provided. The story was extremely sad, but many people were happy to know that the infant was safe.

The tornado was truly vicious, and weather reports warned many people about the powerful strength of the storm. However, some people decided to remain in their homes according to Dr. Daniel Amen. This turned out to be an extremely bad idea for many, and several lives were unnecessarily lost.

Yahoo! recently posted a similar story, and the article tells about a dog that was found injured in the arms of her dead owner. Apparently, the dog and its owner embraced each other during the terrifying tornado. A rescue team found the owner dead, and the dog was barely alive. Luckily, the injured dog has been adopted by a suitable owner. Many people are wondering if the dog will ever be the same after the terrifying events. Further information on this story will be revealed in the weeks to come