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Sigourney Weaver’s Mysterious Role On The Defenders Raises Questions

Sigourney Weaver is about to add another sci-fi and fantasy credit to her incredible resume. Weaver is soon to appear as the main villain, Alexandra, in the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders. The Defenders series is — as serious comic book fans already know — is an ensemble adventure featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Maybe The Punisher will pop up in a cameo.


The casting choice of bringing Sigourney Weaver into the Netflix/Marvel fold is brilliant. Why, though, did the creative team choose to create a completely new villain who never appeared in the comic books before? With so many great villains to chose from, this is an odd decision.


Likely, the plan here is to show a little independence and create a completely new villain capable of fitting perfectly into the narrative. Considering only Iron Fist was highly disappointing, the Netflix team is doubtfully going to “swing and miss” with the main villain of an incredibly anticipated series.


Not many details have emerged about Weaver’s villain. Actually, not very many details about the series have been revealed at all. Keeping quiet about the series until the time is right to reveal them makes better marketing sense. Controlling the messaging about a series’ debut helps manage the hype in a good way.


Still, it would be nice if Netflix worked a little harder to explain why so many decades worth of Marvel villains were passed over for a totally new character. And is this character going to present “super powers” or will she be a Kingpin-like malevolent crime boss? The answer remains shrouded in mystery. The mystery won’t remain quiet for long, though. The Defenders is soon to debut on Netflix.