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Coming Soon to Amazon: The Departed as a Miniseries

For decades, acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese came very close to getting an Oscar, but this award proved to be very elusive until movie theaters in 2006 screened The Departed.

Scorsese’s gritty portrayal of the Boston criminal underworld and police corruption was a masterpiece inspired by Infernal Affairs, an action film from Hong Kong. Amazon Studios, a production label that seeks to replicate the success of original Netflix programming, will turn The Departed into a streaming miniseries that moves the action to Chicago.

In The Departed, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the part of an undercover detective who infiltrates an Irish crime family that dominates Boston. Amazon Studios will not only change the setting to Chicago but will also change the ethnicity. The new miniseries will feature a young police officers with an axe to grind who infiltrates the upper ranks of a Latino gang. As in The Departed, there is a problem with this undercover operation: the street gang is actually very sophisticated and has one or more insiders within the Chicago Police Department.

An interesting detail about this streaming version of The Departed is that the same production houses that produced the Scorsese film will collaborate with Amazon Studios.

Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are some of the digital entertainment firms that are giving television a run for their money in terms of quality programming. With this new announcement by Amazon Studios, television networks will likely pay close attention to whatever is brewing in the streaming world.