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Sylvester Stallone Bows Out Of The Expendables 4

Times exist when the entertainment world gets some very shocking celebrity news. Sylvester Stallone has shocked the world by turning down $20 million to be a part of The Expendables 4. Stallone simply was not seeing eye-to-eye with the production company over the next entry in the series. Stallone walked away from the project.


Money does not motivate Stallone. His net worth is massive and he is coming off of a recent major hit with Creed. The Expendable I & II were also solid hits for Stallone. The third entry in The Expendables series faltered a bit but was not a flop.


Stallone really wants to go out on top in his final years before outright retirement. He is very picky about projects and only wants to be involved with films capable of garnering critical and audience praise.


Stallone decided to shut down a new Rambo film because the star admitted he was a bit too old for the part. Considering how successful Creed was at the box office, the final Rambo film would have surely done well. Stallone wants things to be perfect, though. He didn’t feel right about a new Rambo film.


Creed returned Stallone to the days when he was considered a talented actor. Films such as Fist and Nighthawks featured Stallone in dramatic roles removed from the action-oriented portrayals he would make famous in the 1980’s.


Curiously, Stallone is looking to make a sequel to the film Escape Plan. The first movie was neither a critical hit nor a box office smash. The sequel is on track to being made and has signed on some big names such as Dave Bautista for the supporting cast.


Stallone’s career in the film industry has had its ups and downs. The Expendables was a major hit for the actor, a hit that seemingly wiped away a number of box office disappointments. Other than the fourth entry in the Rambo series, Stallone simply wasn’t drawing people to theaters. Television appearances did not fare well either. And then along came The Expendables.


Sometimes, an actor needs the right movie to succeed. Stallone seems to know this well.