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Never Have I Ever Witnessed An Interview with John Krasinski

If you are still emotional about the ending of The Office, this might be too painful to read. John Krasinski of the popular show did an interview that was anything but traditional. Though some questions were, in fact, answered, the manner that they were asked in was pretty interesting and definitely hilarious. In a game of Never Have I Ever, Krasinski gave listeners moments of laughter and pure joy.

When asked if he watched The Office still, he was quick to answer with a no. Stating that he could never recreate the joy that the show once provided his friends and family with when they would get together to watch it, he may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed.

Next, he was asked if he ever used his celebrity status for his own benefit. Shockingly enough, the answer was yes, and he used it to get into a bar. The guilty verdict continued when asked if he ever ordered a kid’s meal for his daughter so he could eat it himself. Though hesitant, he answered yes.

The conductor of the interview asked Krasinski to offer his best Chris Pratt impersonation, but he was quick to disclose that he could never imitate a great like Pratt. When asked if he had a soft side, fan girls everywhere got closer to their computers to learn more. Upon revealing that he cries at children’s movies–specifically Frozen–everybody grew to love him even more. Finally, he was asked if he played Pokémon Go and he offered a whopping no, but only because he is a self-proclaimed ninety-two year old unable to operate his phone properly.