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‘Resident Evil’ star Milla Jovovich wants a ‘ThunderCats’ role

Milla Jovovich has led the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise since the first movie debuted in 2002. The franchise, at least on the big screen, is coming to an end with ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ heading to theaters this year. What does Jovovich want to do next? None other than the live-action version of the 80 animated series ‘ThunderCats.’

Jovovich’s interest in the movie is in the character of Cheetara, the lead female of the ‘ThunderCats,’ though Jovovich accidentally dubbed her “Catara” in a recent interview (before correcting herself) with We Got This Covered. The outlet asked Jovovich if there was a superhero she’d like to play now that her time in the zombie franchise is coming to an end. Instead of picking someone coming to the Marvel or DC franchises to share screen time with Captain America or Batman, she explained that she’s “always loved ‘ThunderCats,’” though she has concerns that she might be “too old” to take on the role.

‘ThunderCats’ ran for three years in the late 80s to feature a whopping 130 episodes of the animated series. In it, a group of cat-like aliens landed on a planet called Third Earth after being driven away from their home planet of Thundera. Eventually, they became a heroic team known as ThunderCats as they decided to protect their new home from evil, including their nemesis Mumm-Ra. Toys and comic books followed the series, and there was even an attempted reboot by Cartoon Network a few years ago. A live-action version of the film has been in various stages of development for the last few years.

Next up for Jovovich is ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,’ which lands in theaters on January 27. She’ll also appear in ‘Shock and Awe’ and ‘Future World’ later this year.