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Video Game Star Todd Rogers Stripped of Record

Todd Rogers is a video game player notorious for setting multiple world records. Back in 1982, Rogers allegedly completed a finish time of 5.51 seconds in Dragster, a racing game developed by Atari for the 2600 gaming system. The score was accepted by Activision’s official fan newsletter. 35 years later, Rogers was recognized by Guinness World Records for having the longest-standing high score.

Now the star is embroiled in controversy with Twin Galaxies, the video games arm of Guinness World Records. They publish leaderboards of high scoring players, and although Rogers had enjoyed his position at the top of those boards, Twin Galaxies is now invalidating Rogers’ achievements.

The reason? There’s no proof that Rogers ever actually achieved those 5.51 seconds. Although Rogers claims that Activision’s article is proof enough, Twin Galaxies begs to differ. Their new system of double-checking scores immediately called Rogers’ efforts into question.

A speedrunner analyst known only by the handle Omnigamer launched the controversy through a Reddit post. In the post, Omnigamer explained that after examining the Dragster code, they learned that a score of 5.51 seconds is literally impossible unless cheating is involved.

A thread emerged on Twin Galaxies that discussed the legitimacy of Rogers’ scores. Robert T. Mruczek, who used to be a referee for the site, ultimately determined that Rogers be stripped of his title and banned from Twin Galaxies.

While Rogers holds to his claim, he commends Twin Galaxies for their thoroughness and states that the fun of gaming is the most important point.