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Netpicks is a company that was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman, focusing on trading training and education. Since its foundation, Netpicks has made it its business to provide information about strategies in trading to the people who are looking to improve their skills in trading or for people who intend to know how to trade from a beginner level. The company guides the people through their journey of becoming skilled traders and as a result generate profits consistently for them. Netpicks mainly deals with people who are trading on the forex platform, also, informing other people about stocks, signals, future, options and ETFs in swing and day trading. Netpicks personalizes each client’s needs whereby they train them on how to invest and enhance their earnings by the use of tutorials, videos, blog entries and also customized plans that suit each trader’s needs and desires.

Netpicks focuses more on the real world requirements of investors and use this information to train and educate the trader accordingly in a simple and easy to learn design. Netpicks ensures that all the people are accounted for by the use of videos. This means that a trader can learn and start trading almost immediately. The requirements of the user change the concept of the video for each person’s needs to be met, learn more on

Recently, Netpicks blogged about having an optimistic mind-set when one wants to start trading as this is a significant determinant of the success rate of the trader’s investment, check ( They say that failure is part of doing business and it’s bound to happen to anyone,  how the affected reacts after such an event determines whether their future endeavors will be a success or not. This can only be achieved by a set-out plan that also includes an exit strategy should such an event occur. If the trader follows these steps, they’ll be able to come from the drawback strong and ready to take on something else. Usually, Netpicks advises the traders to seek a positive outcome instead of expecting to win. Traders, therefore, should expect to lose a given amount of time but it should fall below the predetermined exit price, thus allowing them to continue trading even after experiencing a loss.