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TM CEO Bob Roth Keeping The Meditation Trend Hot For Celebs

If anything, Bob Roth really knows how to sit still and be silent, and apparently, many other famous faces have followed suit. Stars like Oprah, Howard Stern, Tom Hanks, Martin Scorcese and Washington D.C. elite Jared and Ivanka Trump are all into “it.”

It’s called TM or Transcendental Meditation, and it’s been around for quite some time. The Beatles sought the advice of the Maharishi to help them practice TM in the 1960s. Bob Roth is one of the best-known teachers of the meditation technique of the David Lynch Foundation. He gave a recent interview to the Business Insider about TM and the new book he authored called “Strength In Stillness.”

Oprah gave the book the thumbs up and calls him “Meditation Bob.” She says that doing the technique helps people excel in a variety of ways, making them better at relationships, interacting with others and helping folks sleep better.

Gwyneth Paltrow also performs TM and likes Roth’s new book, saying that meditation has helped her navigate through life when the going gets tough and when she needs to back away from stress.

Roth claims that half of the New York City clients of the David Lynch Foundation come from the world of Wall Street.

Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos admits he practices TM and spoke with Jerry Seinfeld and Bob Roth on GMA.

Bob Roth says that TM has a great success rate for eliminating stress in schoolchildren, abuse victims, military veterans and many others. The meditation practice leads to better health and lower blood pressure, according to studies that have been conducted.

Transcendental Meditation requires about 20 minutes daily, says Bob Roth, and the person sits with their eyes closed, and a mantra is chosen, and the mind is taken to restful alertness.