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Mike Heiligenstein Offers Remedies to Improve Traffic Flow in the Austin Region

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the leader of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). This is a multi-modal transportation agency located in Austin, Texas. Under Heiligenstein, CTRMA has grown from a startup transportation agency to a well-known company that deals with toll road operations. The enterprise also built its first toll road and implemented leading edge technology under the leadership of Mike.



Heiligenstein has been a public official for over three decades. Initially, he was a council member for Round Rock City and then he moved on to be the county commissioner of Williamson County. His primary focus has been on various infrastructure projects. Heiligenstein studied at the University of Texas where he got a bachelor’s and master’s degree in government and another master’s degree in business administration. Mike occasionally speaks to different groups about infrastructure and is known for his passion for regional approaches to problem-solving.



The Williamson County Growth Summit was held at the Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center to highlight various transportation challenges and how technology is changing transportation in the region. The discussion was involved a few high-profile guests such as the founder of RideScout LLC, the external affairs director for Uber in Texas, a designer for ArgoDesign and Mike Heiligenstein.



In the discussion, Mike mentioned that the Austin region needed to focus on building a lot of smart roads despite the surge of driver-less vehicles and how they could alter transportation infrastructure. He mentioned that by building smarter roads, the mobility demands of the rapidly growing suburban population in Williamson County could be addressed. He also emphasized on making the roads in the area technically advanced.



As the idea of autonomous vehicles came up a lot of times in the discussion, Mike was cool and said that the adoption rate of the technology might be exhausting and slow. Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign stressed the flexibility of building and land-use codes. He said this after the mayor of Round Rock directed a question relating to the actions policymakers can currently take as they get ready for the dynamic transportation needs in the future.



John, the Texas Internal affairs director of Uber, stated the importance of his company in creating first and last-mile solutions. This was in a bid to get people in the Austin region off and onto public transportation. The 19th annual summit was very successful with many productive ideas brought forward.


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