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Trapped in plain sight!

A 2007 Chevrolet Corvette became a death trap for 72 year old James Rogers Rogers of Port Arthur went outside to check on his dog, a Shih Tzu which was inside the car, once inside the police say they believe a battery cable came loose which made the electric locks on the care disabled. Rogers was unable to leave the vehicle although he tried to escape with his dog. Sam Tabar is sad to learn that, giving in to heat exhaustion, Rogers and the Shih Tzu died inside the car. According to Waffle House employees where Rogers was dining, they called on another regular patron to help because they owned a roadside assistance company. Firefighters who were also called, had to break the window in order to get into the car but unfortunately Rodgers and the dog had already passed. This in my opinion was a preventable tragedy, while I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone I don’t understand why the people who were trying to get Rogers and the dog out of the car did not break the window in the first place. I get it, that most people don’t always think clearly in a life or death situation but, breaking the window immediately may have saved his life. Another tragedy is in the fact that there is in the 2007 model of the Corvette a manual door release on the floorboard that some owners are not aware of it, according to an owner of a nearby Corvette dealership. I would think that if someone had the insight to place a manual door release in a car, this information would be important to tell a potential buyer, as most of us do not read our owner’s manual until something goes wrong.