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Superstar Band Of Musicians Score Leonardo DiCaprio’s Film About Climate Change

Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails fame, strikes again. The industrial rock legend has teamed up with a formidable group of musicians to score Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film about climate change. Reznor is an Academy award winner already for scoring David Fincher’s film Social Network. Reznor stayed close to the director, scoring his other films Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl. Fincher has also directed music videos for Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails, including the video for the song Only.

But it is an interesting team of musicians that Reznor has decided to link up with for his latest score. Of course, Reznor brings aboard Atticus Ross, his longtime collaborator and friend. But members of the band Mogwai also joined the scoring team as well as longtime composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Reznor and Ross served as musical supervisors for the project.

The director of the film, Fisher Stevens, who is famous for his documentaries The Cove and Racing Extinction, said that the collaboration produced some of the most unique music he’s ever heard. And fans are curious to hear the tone set by this unlikely team of musical superstars.

The film, called Before the Flood, will debut at the Toronto Film Festival and it features Leonardo DiCaprio traveling the world to see the real-life effects of climate change as they happen. The trailer features the movie star standing on an iceberg watching narwhals swim. There is no music in the clip but you can hear the music made by the Marine life swimming just in front of them.