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Creepy Real American Serial Killers


Let’s face it, all of the worst serial killers are creepy. Just a few of the creepiest are Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Richard Ramirez, all for their own reasons.


Ted Bundy was known to be handsome and charismatic. He enjoyed revisiting the body of his dead victims for hours at a time. He would groom them and perform sexual acts upon them until the body had decomposed or been eaten by wild animals. He also decapitated quite a few of his victims and saved their heads inside his apartment as a souvenir.


Creepy stories known about Jeffrey Dahmer show he was known to dismember his victims carefully saving the heart, liver, biceps, or thigh of many, in order to eat them. Once dead he would take pictures of the corpse and perform sexual acts upon them. He was careful to dismember his victim inside his bathtub where the blood was drained and the flesh disposed of with acid. Many of his victims skulls were preserved for a planned alter in which to he wanted to meditate.


Richard Ramirez was a Satanist and murdered his victims violently as serial killers crime scene photos have shown. He was known to break into homes late at night in order to rob them. He didn’t care if the victims were very young or very old. He shot or bludgeons his victims to death while in their beds sleeping; many times raping the woman and demanding their cash and jewels. He often left a satanic symbol on his victims or inside their home.