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Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter and Advocate of Children

Terry McCarty is no ordinary individual. When he was just six years old he suffered horrendous burns to 70% of his body in an accident involving kerosene. He endured countless surgeries and constant assault from his peers due to his disfigured body. Against all odds McCarty became a firefighter as an adult and plans to help childhood burn victims through their agony.

For years after the terrible accident McCarty lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety. He struggled relentlessly to find his place in the world when he became an adult. Employers all looked down on him and labeled him a liability without giving him a chance.

McCarty applied to the Washington fire service in 2011. By early 2012 he was enduring the grueling training process. He was forced to face fire for the first time since his horrific accident as a child.

The New York Times wrote that after two years of service in Washington McCarty moved on to a role at the Burned Children Recovery Foundation where he helped children who had been badly burned in a camp environment. McCarty hopes to take his experience and all that he has learned to his own foundation that helps burn victims. He plans to raise money to support programs like the BCRF.