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David Lynch is Coy about Twin Peaks Revival

David Lynch is back. His return is as odd as one would expect from the director of cult classics such as Blue Velvet and Eraserhead. Lynch is now sitting in a creative chair once again and focusing his attention on Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks. Lynch recently took part in a Q&A session at the TCA Winter Press Tour. The details he discussed about the new series, well, lacked a lot of details.


Was Lynch remaining true to his enigmatic form? Or is the show mired in a complex development process with no direction? No one really knows the answer here. Lynch certainly is not telling. Perhaps the odd response is appropriate considering the unique strangeness associated with Twin Peaks.


Twin Peaks was an outstanding “oddball” television program of the 1990’s. Lynch brought his trademark odd directing and creative style to television. He was riding a lot of critical acclaim with recent films. Lynch’s films, however, were not box office gold. Twin Peaks was not a ratings smash either. The program went off the air leaving the audience wondering about unfinished storylines to speculate their own endings.


Showtime’s decision to revive Twin Peaks would have been considered insane a decade ago. In recent years, cable and streaming media programming have shown success with drawing in small and loyal audiences to cult programs. With good buzz, a small audience can grow. Showtime probably has eyes on “special addition DVD and Blu-ray sales” in the future. Small and loyal audiences love to spend money.


Lynch and Showtime’s lack of details about the upcoming revival should be a cause for alarm. A chaotic development stage is not exactly going to lead to well-constructed series. Hopefully, Lynch is just being coy and the series is moving along the production pipeline nicely.