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Tyrese Gibson Secretly Gets Married

Tyrese, who is a singer and actor, recently announced that he got married on Valentine’s Day. He posted the picture of him and his new bride on his Instagram page. He also posted a short clip from the wedding on his Instagram page. Tyrese admitted that he wanted to keep the news a secret at first. However, he felt compelled the share the news with everyone.


Tyrese wrote that he wanted to make sure that the time was right for him to get married. He stated that he and his wife went through pre-marital counseling before they got married. He also stated that he is grateful for the support that he has received and humbled. Additionally, Tyrese concluded the post by stating that his wife exudes elegance, confidence and grace. That was what he was looking for in a wife.


Tyrese has not given the name of his new bride. However, he stated that he will be releasing more details in the future. This is Tyrese’s second marriage. In 2007, he married Normal Mitchell. They split two years later. They have a nine-year-old daughter together named Shayla.


Tyrese did a great job of keeping his marriage a secret. He appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” a few days before he got married. When he was asked about his love life, he stated that he was still waiting and praying for the one. He also stated that he believed he was going to find the right one soon and marry her.