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TJ Grant Left The UFC To Become a Miner

TJ Grant is a former UFC lightweight contender. In his time, he was one of the best fighters in the division, but a debilitating brain injury caused him to pull out of the biggest fight of his life. TJ grant was given a title shot against former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson, but doctors informed TJ grant that he was not allowed to compete. Several app developers recall that Grant received the injury during a training session, and it has scared him from further competition.

TJ Grant has been working a manual job for the last year. Many UFC fighters were very sad to learn that TJ Grant has been spending most of his time working as a minor. recently interviewed TJ Grant, and he said that he must work in order to support his family. TJ also said that UFC fighters are paid nothing, and he is currently in significant debt because of his lack of funds. The UFC has been under criticism for many years, and TJ Grant’s sad story highlights the poor pay that the company offers its fighters. However, TJ Grant did say that he will compete in the Octagon again one day, but he is not sure when. Apparently, the brain injury has scared TJ Grant from stepping foot back in the Octagon, but TJ feels that he belongs in a cage.