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Clayton Hutson- Jack of all Trades

Clayton Hutson earned his bachelor’s degree in the niche of theater design from Central Michigan University. He then went on to receive his Master’s degree from Stephen M Ross School of Business with his major being business administration.


Moving on after graduation, Clayton went on to hold many positions with different live entertainment companies. He worked as the project manager as well as the sound engineer with these companies. Ever since Clayton was young, he always had a passion for the music industry.




Clayton Hutson moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his passion for starting his own business after working for a few different companies. Nashville presents better opportunities to maintain important business relationships as well as develop new connections. These relationships all help with growing and expanding his events production company, Ronin Event Creative.


In 2018


Clayton Hutson is a busy man with just finishing up the “Soul2Soul Tour” with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and going right into the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” with Kid Rock. Clayton is currently the Production Manager for Kid Rock’s current tour which started the beginning of this month in Maine.


Being a Production Manager consists of so many things including organizing and coordinating the big picture. Making sure everything from the very beginning of set up till the very last piece of equipment is back on the trucks after the show is all done according to plan. Clayton has to plan all this accordingly as well as deal with all the politics that go with putting on a larger event.


Clayton also has to have solutions prepared for any issues that may come up before they even happen. This is a challenge he feels he is ready and willing to take on. He showed his skills in this area on the previous tour of Kid Rock where he was the Stage Manager. Clayton let his previous experience in production and stage management to guide in finding the solutions to all the issues that came up on Kid Rock’s tour.


He was successful in the solutions he came up with, as most of the the dates of Kid Rock’s last tour were sold out. This situation was what led Kid Rock to having Clayton come back as his Production Manager on his second tour of 2018.


Clayton Hutson is a jack of all trades when it comes to live performances in the music industry. If you are wanting to put on a big show of any kind, why not give him a call. Learn more:

Sightsavers Fighting the Good Fight

Sightsavers Helps The Blind In More Ways Than One

Sightsavers is a world-renowned charitable organization which focuses on helping the visually impaired in third world countries. Through a large and creative variety of programs and initiatives, these helpers of the blind and near-blind work diligently all through the year to help those who are most in need.

One of their recent projects is called Education For All, and it is an education initiative that involves helping the school system in Sierra Leone to learn ways of dealing with disabled students. Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa there are old ideas and superstitions about the disabled which have proven hard to be to eliminate. Sightsavers is doing their best to give them the knowledge and skills that will allow them to truly change the system for the better.

One of the most moving stories that I have ever heard associated with sightsavers involves a certain province in India, where the rate of sexual assault is astronomically high. Naturally, if you are a female with a sight disorder, you are extremely vulnerable. Watching a video about this, we hear about how one girl was afraid to leave the house by herself. She says that she believed that she would always be afraid and unable to go anywhere alone. Until the good people at sightsavers helped her to learn Judo.

Sightsavers has been helping an organization called Tarun Sanskar with an initiative that involves teaching these vulnerable young girls the art of self defense. When you watch these girls having a spirited Judo match, you cannot even tell that they have any disability whatsoever. The psychological effect of this kind of training is enormous, as any practitioner of the martial arts will tell you. I must say that it is nothing short of inspiring to see these young women taking a proactive approach and learning how to fight instead of cowering at home.

Based on what the women in the video say, they have gained the same benefits from the martial arts that all dedicated practitioners gain. Confidence, self-respect, independence, and a deep sense of discipline are just part of what makes this a great idea.

Infinfty Group Austrailia: A Leading Financial Provider

Finances do not come easy to many people. Often times people need a trusted advisor to lead and guide in their financial decisions. For every phase of life, a person has different financial needs that have to be met. Not all financial institutions are created equally. Infinity Group of Australia is a leading company in the nation that aids it clients with superb solutions for their money matters.


The company offers a long list of services. One of their most notable services is its debt reduction service. This makes the company stand apart from competition, as not many other companies work to reduce debt for clients. The company sits down with clients and create custom plans for reduction. The company has a list of strategies that can be applied to a client’s current financial situation. Their goal for reducing debt is to enable clients to create opportunities for them to create streams of income that produce a more comfortable lifestyle for themselves.


Creating wealth is important to this company. They offer a wealth creation service. The goal of this service is to educate and make clients aware of ways they can increase their income. With a raise in salary, it slows for debt to be reduced significantly. This service works well with the company’s debt reduction service. Many clients testify how this company has enabled them to increase their income due to income producing opportunities. Infinity Group watches and analyzes the latest investments and their yields. They only direct clients to investments that seem to be the most profitable.


For Infinity Group’s clients that are either already retired or are deciding to plan for retirement, they offer a retirement service to plan and prepare for a changing lifestyle. The company is fully aware of the adjustments needed to be made to so people can still enjoy their lifestyle. They have a set of strategies they offer their clients needing to maintain their current lifestyle for retirement.


Infinity Group Australia reviews emphasize the quality this company offers to their clients. Customers expresses how much this company has helped them with their financial questions and goals. Customers recommend this company because of their excellent knowledge and strategies to help their clients have a good financial future. Learn more:

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Will Get You Thinking

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was first released as an audiobook narrated by Sean Penn. He also penned his writing under the name of Pappy Pariah who is a man from Kentucky who was also in the book and is the one narrating the tale.


Penn is perhaps better known as an actor and has interviewed many interesting people such as El Chapo. Fletcher, a character in the book is a lot like El Chapo, and there are other similarities between reality and his fictitious writings, but it just depends on how the reader perceives reality and the coalition between the book and real-world events.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a novel that can be read the way that the reader wants to interpret it and it has many layers upon layers of interesting finds. Bob, the main character of the book likes his solitude, and he is a septic salesman with an interesting lifestyle. He opens up to the reader through his descriptive tale that is full of twists and turns, and the reader can’t help but wonder if he is shining some light in the deep dark secrets of the writer himself.

There is no correct or incorrect way to read the book, and it will be hard to put aside no matter who you are. You can enjoy the tale any way you like by treating it as fiction or trying to compare it to reality. Either way, it is an entertaining read.


Penn has finally been able to devote the time to write a book which has been a dream of his for a long time. As his love for acting has diminished somewhat, he has a refueled love affair with writing, and his book has drawn a lot of controversy and attention. Perhaps this was his plan all along to help promote his book. Either way, it is a fascinating tale that is sure to offer an escape from reality and will also really get the wheels turning.


Some feel that the poem at the end of the book is describing the recent shooting in Vegas and then there is the description of the landlord in the book. He happens to be very similar to that of the appearance of Trump, but that’s for the reader to decide. There is a lot of vague political messaging throughout the book, or is there?

Infinity Group Australia Co-Founder Graeme Holm and The Importance of Getting A Financial Trainer

To be a trusted investment, asset or portfolio broker in Australia, it’s not enough to be skillful, talented and well-connected. To establish a name in the finance industry, it is the duty of the company and its director to also be law-abiding, ethical and always responsive the needs of the clients. It’s not enough to be knowledgeable about concepts like market standards, long-term assets, market life cycle or accrual-based accounting. First and foremost, an investment broker should possess the ethical attitude to help clients with the simplest of finance problems: find ways to increase the clients’ savings and get the client in financial shape. In more ways than one, Infinity Group Australia, led by its director and creator Graeme Holm, is one such company that has built a good name already in helping clients not just be financially fit, but also help them increase their savings, even to the last dollar.



In an article from MPA Magazine, it is shown that Infinity Group Australia is meticulous or just conscientious in the way that it solves their clients’ problems. For starters, Infinity Group’s way of assessing the factors that contribute the finances of their clients is different from the rest. The fact-finding committee in Infinity Group Australia makes sure that the ongoing family expenses, including the ones from the household, should account for the wants, not just the needs. With these data, the team of Holm builds a cash-based budget for the client that helps them get a better bearing for their travel expenses, fuel and even entertainment allowance.



After this, the client is then assigned a personal banker by Infinity to find ways to pay off the loans that the clients have, as soon as possible. In fact, it may be relevant to state here that Infinity Group Australia’s biggest achievement was that it was able to lower a young couple’s living costs to about $96,271 in about a year. That’s an achievement that Holm is proud to state. Such issue is the kind of financial problem that Holm likes to always address with Infinity Group Australia, since it was founded in 2012. More problems like this exist in the Australian loan market, and it’s exactly the reason why he sees it fit for people to be financially fit. And one way to do that is to get a financial trainer, just as one would get a physical trainer to be physically fit. Infinity Group is such trainer.



About Graeme Holm



Holm has been in the world of finance for about 17 years already. He has completed accreditations in the field of real estate, finance and financial planning, and he uses this licensed expertise to fix the lives of Australians today who are finding it hard to solve their debt problems.



Holm has also been part of the Major 4 banking environment for almost a decade already. When he became frustrated about how most families in Australia receive little incentive and help from financial firms, he found the inspiration to co-founder his own, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., . It’s now the company that many people trust with their predicaments regarding debt. Learn more:


Lime Crime Beauty Company: Doe Deere

It was in an interview when Lime Crime founder doe Deere talked with a stylist. In the description, Doe Deere came to interview with a serious bold eye and striking hair. She had made the makeup making her look nice. People may talk about Doe Deere but what she can be said to be is a lady lacking introvert which ends up same like the company she owns. Her company Lime Crime does beauty products manufacturing.


The stylist asked Doe Deere to talk about the cult beauty product. In her words, Doe said that cult can be said to be something unique. She then said that the market requires unique things so that you can be recognized and appreciated. It should be something that when even people try to introduce similar thing, then they can not be able and you are the only person who can do so. Lime Crime is a company that has been trending since the year 2008. There have been fluctuations of products in the market and if you want to stand out in the flooded products in the market then you will require offering the market something that is unique. It is what lime crime targets every day.


Describing lime crime as being 100% vegan and free from cruelty is supported by Doe Deere. So that they can prove it, the company has been spending some money on animal charities and with that, it is said to be vegan and free from cruelty. It has also been a reflection of her attitude where animals are tested and mainly focusing on the companies objectives.


Doe Deere was asked to talk about the mistakes as entrepreneur experience and how to overcome them. She said that as an entrepreneur, making some mistakes is part of entrepreneurship game. What is most important in the mistake is learn from it and then let it help you grow. She also said that lime crime has been facing challenges on the way but they have been able to get rid of them and that becomes the most important thing for them. The company is now ranked together with best-performing companies.


In beauty trends, Lime Crime is shining always. She said that the chance they had of introducing Pantone’s which was violet, was what the market was waiting for. The company has a unicorn brand and in the year 2018, bright purple will become the ultimate color. It is also looking at the exploration of lilac, lavender together with more purple staring shades which are like Venus III which was an eyeshadow and released recently.


When she gives advises to young women who might like to become beauty entrepreneur, Doe Deere said that what will boost them is having passion and plan on where to start. In the beauty market, there is a wide gap waiting for new innovations for the market. Focus on what your inner voice wants to achieve and then make a good decision. What you will need at last is make it happen. Wake up go and try. Learn more:


Whitney Wolfe Continues to Succeed in Doing her Own Thing

     Whitney Wolfe is creating buzz and leaving a positive mark in the entrepreneurial world as a successful CEO and founder of a popular dating app, Bumble.

The road was not always a smooth journey for Whitney Wolfe. The struggle started early on when she was rejected from a marketing program while attending Southern Methodist University, Dallas, so she focused on International Studies. She later moved to LA where she developed her first app, Cardify. Wolfe then became co-founder of a dating app,Tinder, where she was the VP of Marketing resulting in the success of the app.

Just as things began to take off for Whitney Wolfe at Tinder, she encountered a horrible experience when she was suspended from Tinder after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against her co-founders for subjecting her to various sexist comments and discrimination for being a female. This temporarily sent Wolfe into a downward spiral of depression from the backlash.

There’s a popular quote that states, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” This unfortunate event definitely made Whitney Wolfe much stronger, which fueled the creation of Bumble, the dating app which allows women to make the first move. Great things are sometimes created after an unfortunate event. Shortly after, Wolfe found her match made in heaven when she met Michael Herd, a successful entrepreneur in the restaurant and oil and gas business. They later had a beautiful fairy tale wedding on September 2, 2017 in Positano, Italy.

Ironically, Match Group, the parent company for Tinder sued Bumble for patent infringement because they felt Bubble copied their idea of the the original “Tinder Swipe.” Even more ironically, Match Group later tried to buy out Bumble for $450 million when Bubble was nearly worth 1 billion.

Some believe Whitney Wolfe is out for revenge. But she mentioned during her speech at the previous SXSW that she is not thinking about Tinder. In fact, Wolfe has continued to expand her business with two additional apps which are an extension to Bumble. The first is Bumble BFF which is an app used to find friends, and the second is Bumble Bizz, an app to network with professionals. Both apps are based on the concept to allow women to make the first move.

In closing, Whitney Wolfe responded to revenge allegations at the SXSW about Tinder by stating, “I don’t believe revenge is part of my agenda….we’re doing our own thing.” She also stated she will continue to “left swipe to their bullying and left swipe to their attempts to try to buy her out.” She will not be bullied. Wolfe also banned all gun images from the Bumble platform. This stance Wolfe is taking definitely helps the #metoo movement because she is setting the example to not remain silent and to stand for what is right and stand for her values and worth as a woman. Wolfe doesn’t have to exercise revenge, as her success speaks for itself.

Scott Rocklage Has Long been A Healthcare Pioneer

Scott Rocklage is currently a managing partner at a company known as 5AM Ventures, which currently resides in Florida. Scott has been working in the healthcare industry for more than two decades and has worked at various companies over the years before joining the 5AM team. Scott earned his degrees from Berkeley and the University of California to earn his medical degrees. He even attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to earn his Ph.D. Today, Scott is a standing member of various different organizations in the healthcare world, including Variation and WaveRx. Since the beginning of his career, Scott Rocklage has been responsible for more than 30 successful patents relating to healthcare.


Scott has always been able to get various different pharmaceutical approved by the FDA over the years. He has personally endorsed many companies as well, including contributions to Telascan and Omniscan in the past. He has personally found many candidates for participating in various different trials for approving medications. His most recent project is to fund and further push the approval of a cure for myotonic dystrophy. This will help people with genetic disorders fight off the disease. 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage’s company, has personally contributed to the research and financing of the company doing the research, Expanded Therapeutics.


The funding of this research is very important because the disease is very serious. Adults that are affected by muscular dystrophy have problems with their heat, nervous system, and gastrointestinal. Over the years, the disease causes their individuals hormoses and respirtatory system to deteriotate and becaome unusable. Research has been ongoing for the disease for more than a decade, and Scott Rocklage is aiming to make a cure a reality. Learn more:


Since the beginning of his career, Scott Rocklage has worked with hundreds of different professionals and thousands of clients, which he says is one of the great parts of his job. From businessmen, scientists, researchers, and more, Scott has worked with many people to bring new ideas into the world, especially the healthcare industry. As a leader in the healthcare industry himself, Scott has many plans ahead to further research and funds for important medical discovery to come.

The Decade of Design: AIA And Its Health Perspective

     In 2012, the American Institute of Architects announced a new commitment, a new initiative. Called the Decade of Design, it was a ten year plan that revolved around understanding how architecture affects health, changes that can be made to improve the health of a community, and then looking into implementing those changes in innovative ways. To do this, the American Institute of Architects has built connections with universities and communities. It is a massive undertaking, and as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy, said, has the goal to, “bring the force of design to bear in the public health arena and debate”.

As EVP and CEO, Robert Ivy has been a leader in the tremendous undertaking that is the Decade of Design. Ivy was made CEO in 2011 after a decades-long career in the field, one filled with much praise and many awards for achievement. These many years of experience has made Robert Ivy an industry leader, someone with extensive insight into the field of architecture and construction, and from this body of expertise and knowledge, he is not just able to lead AIA effectively, but also manage the Decade of Design. As a veteran of the field, he can see the connection between health and architecture, and in an interview with, explained the connection he sees between health and his field.

Part of this interview looks at the historical role of architecture and health. Robert Ivy talks about how the swamps of Washington D.C. were drained, which not just allowed the city itself to be built and expanded, but also greatly improved the health of the residents. He also mentions Central Park, which was initially meant to revitalize a struggling community, improving housing, and health, of those within that community. His point is simple, and that is the connection was always there and known about.

When the interview’s focus changes to now, and the future, Robert Ivy talks about how, even something as simple as changing how architects design their buildings, allowing for more potential to exercise such as less reliance on elevators and more emphasis on walking. This wouldn’t be something new for design, as design already does focus on these things, such as ensuring that areas are well-lit to improve mood, health, and general appearance of the surroundings, and taking into account for the resident’s need for clean air and fresh water.

These changes aren’t massive undertakings that will shake up the field, but a recommitment to things that are already happening, and an initiative to gain a better understanding of what can, and should, be done to not just improve the field, but community at large.


The Mighty Fortress Church-A Place to Seek Refuge

The Mighty Fortress Church is not like most church houses. It offers something different, and that is perhaps why so many flock there to seek out spiritual support and refuge from the outside world. The Mighty Fortress Church is just the place to be if you are seeking Christ and want to know more about Him. It is also a great place to meet others that have the same ideals and who are also seeking to know more about Him.

The Mighty Fortress Church teaches out of the Bible and is reaching followers all over the globe through worship and messages that apply to our daily lives. The Mighty Fortress Church has a vision of powerful living through Christ’s ideals and teachings and is striving to empower people from all walks of life through the powerful messages of the great Savior. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

Church can be somewhat daunting and even discouraging for many folks, but the Fortress has tried to create an atmosphere that is not only inviting, but that has a certain warmth to it. It’s meant to be a sanctuary that feels separate from the world and all of its distractions and problems and its doors are open to all who wish to come.

Since worship needs to be a somewhat regular activity, the Fortress meets regularly and offers not only a place to worship Christ but also to enjoy a band, choir, and of course the company of many other believers to gather with, in worship. The word of God has been known to transform countless lives, and it is important to gather with other believers in order to really feel the presence of God. The Fortress is open to any and all and offers great strength and healing in their worship services. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The Bishop of the Mighty Fortress Church is T.R. Williams, and he has been ministering the work of God for well over 30 years. He believes in the power of the good book, and his ministry knows him as a kind and faithful man. He is a preacher and man of God, and he is also well-educated as well and well-respected. He holds degrees and is very learned.

The Mighty Fortress Church holds weekly services as well as many extra activities such as singles Bible study and youth services. The Fortress offers practical teachings that can be applied to daily life, busy schedules, and everyday problems.