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Why Dr. Imran Haque is the Best Asheboro Doctor

With over fifteen years of career as a physician of trust, every aspiring doctor in the medical field in Asheboro and the vicinity has heard of the name of Imran Haque, a practitioner who has offices in the area of Ramseur and Asheboro. The professional has years of studying and developing the skills necessary to become one of the best healthcare specialists in the neighborhood. Having studied at the Carilion Medical Center at the University of Virginia, School of Medicine, he is backed up by an excellent education. He graduated eighteen years ago, in 1998, and has been developing his career and making medical procedures since then.


Dr. Imran Haque had his undergraduate from the Unversity of North Carolina.


At Carilion Medical Center, at the hospital of the facility, Dr. Imran Haque became a resident of the department, where he learned a lot with the best physicians in the in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine.


As most doctors decide to do, Dr. Imran has found his own specializations in the field of medicine. The professional has a lot of experience in internal medicine, has been an intern for a long time in the hospital of Carilion Medical Center. In his position as an intern, he has performed tons of diagnosis of allergy and helped many patients overcome the disabilities and the severe health problems that can come with skin allergy, respiratory system congestion and other conditions related to the immunology system. He has also performed Cardiac Catheterization and Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, helping dozens of elderly clients and patients who suffer from anxiety or cardiac problems.


Not one of the primary specializations of the doctor, but Dr. Imran Haque also performed vaccination on patients before, for a short period, to study the field and understand more about the effects of the immunology body system and how it receives the malign microorganisms injected through the vaccine.


Many patients favor Dr. Imran Haque as their first health checker, and the physician that previous clients decided would be their first call as soon as they identified some health problem. Because of the extensive variety of treatments that Mr. Haque has overviewed and accompanied, he has enough knowledge to be the first healthcare specialist to be contacted in case there is the perceiving of a health problem.


Dr. Imran Haque is the primary choice for previous clients who are experiencing Anemia, diseases related to cardio and the vascular department, conditions related to the immunology system, as well as psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Related to the allergy field that he studied for so many years, he treats Asthma, sleep apnea ( a disease that causes lack of proper breathing when the patient is during their sleep schedule) and offers comprehensive therapies for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is related to the respiratory system. Finally, he is also the primary choice for people who are experiencing weight gain, obesity and health problems related to a bad diet, and can indicate professionals to treat obesity and high cholesterol in the blood veins.




Matthew Autterson – Your Trusted Investment Manager

Investment management involves buying and selling management assets such as securities (bonds and shares) to grow your wealth. The practice of investment management has been existent in the economy for quite some time. If you want to profit from your management investments, one of the key things you ought to do is to ensure you find a good manager for your funds.

To starters, investment management may look like one complicated process however once you grasp how it is done it becomes easy. Some of the services involved in this process include; asset selection, plan implementation, stock selection, analysis of financial statement and monitoring of the ongoing investment. A good investor manager is one who will ensure that the above requirements are met and in accordance to the investor’s needs.

Who is an investor in investment management? Investment management breaks down investors in this market into two categories individual investors and institutional investors. Individual investors are also known as private investors are those who build their wealth portfolio through the help fund managers. On the other hand, institutional investors are actually institutions that do investments on their own. This group of investor may include the educational establishment, pension fund organizations, insurance companies and even governments. Regardless of which type of investor, both groups have an underlying similarity; they all rely on the services of a good investment manager. One such individual is Matthew Autterson.

About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson needs no introduction in the investment management world, his reputation speaks for him. Currently, he works at WIN Wealth Management as a Wealth Advisor. To guarantee his clients success and increased returns on their investments, Matthew Autterson ensures that his strategies are always aligned with the goals and objectives of his clients.

In addition to the 20 years of experience in the industry, Matthew Autterson is well educated. The business executive is a Finance graduate from Buena Vista University. He is currently located in Denver, Colorado.

Brazil and Cassio Audi

Investments are challenging and, at best, a little stressful. There are so many options available, and many of the chances at risk might not be worth the initial investment in some people’s eyes. The market seems to be awash with low interest rates, and this situation nearly crippled Brazil in recent years. Brazilian asset managers, therefore, have a bit of advice to share on how to handle this situation delicately.


Recession Opens Eyes


Over the past years, the capital markets in Brazil has declined due to recession, rising inflation, and political scandals. Therefore, many prominent investors sought to take care of their funding overseas where chances of making a high return on an investment are considerably higher. Therefore, investment and asset managers have had to become rather clever about how to keep that situation from happening. At the moment, though, many of those investors who do want to move are afraid to do so due to the high interest rates on the market. With inflation staggering at 8.47 percent, interest rates are at five percent or more.


Ways the Economy Does Benefit


Brazilian investment and asset managers have taken to heart the fact that there are some local options to interest investors to stay. Many of them are looking into local products, like tax-exempt bonds. At the same time, agribusiness credit bills and real estate credit bills that are being offered by commercial banks are also helping this situation.


Major Piece of Advice to the World


Most Brazilian investment and asset managers are looking at one piece of advice to give the world. Go back to the basics to find better options of what to have people invest in. In many of these cases, people can invest in these types of options, which places banks at second to management firms for investments. At the same time, the basics are reliable in times when competition to please investors is at an all-time high.


Cassio Audi


There is one investment manager that has become rather well-known in Brazil during this time. His name is Cassio Audi. He has been in this position since November 2016. Audi’s skills include equities, management, forecasting, strategic financial planning, business planning, project management, and investor relations.


This stellar investment manager gained two degrees as part of his education. He first gained a bachelor’s degree from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo between 1989 and 1994, and then he gained an MBA from the Universidade de Sao Paulo during the years 1999 and 2000. He has been working as an investment manager for the past decade or more.


Audi started as a trader for JP Morgan Chase. He then joined Dow Chemical in 1996 as their Senior Financial Analyst. Leading up to his time at Peninsula Participacoes, he also worked for Gillette, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners, Inc., and GVMI.




Investing does not have to be a scary task. With the right agent helping the process along and when working with basic options for types of investment, much money can be made, even during difficult economic times. In this case, less is more and simpler is better.

Cassio Audi, The Chief Financial Officer at Península Participações

Investment management is one of the most complex field. It requires that one possess special communication and leaderships. It also requires that one be conversant with the terms used in this fields and to have an expansive knowledge on the myriad of topics. Also, it requires that one has a sharp eye for sustainable investments and to be able to make strategic decisions. If you are looking forward to investing in Brazil Cassio Audi is a Brazilian financial expert. He has over 23 years of experience and has been a leader in various fields within the industry. Some of his best skills involve productivity improvement, change management, growth and strategy development, IPO, and M&A, just to mention a few.


Education and Career Background


Cassio studied at the reputable Pontifical Catholic University which is located in Sao Paulo. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating in the year 1994. While in school, he had to work extra hard to manage between his job at JP Morgan and his education life. Cassio also furthered his education, acquiring a postgraduate degree in Business Administration, Finance Option, from the State University of Sao Paulo.


Two years after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Cassio Audi left the JP Morgan and began working as the Senior Financial Analyst at Dow Chemicals. He worked for this company for a period of 1 year before Gillette took him in. At Gillette, Cassio Audi was the finance director until the year 2006. Cassio has also worked with GVMI, Rossi and Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

Duda Melzer is the Chief Executive Officer of Grupo RBS Company in Brazil. Since he was made the president of the company, he has implemented key changes company. As a matter of fact, he has made the company better than before. Duda Melzer, in a broadcast made live among the 6,000 employees of the company, took over the highest level of management of the enterprise. For the event, it was held in Porto Alegre. His colleagues and family members attended the inauguration ceremony held at the port.

Duda is his common name after Eduardo. Before he became the president of the company, he worked as the executive vice president of the company. Nelson Sirotsky, the former chairperson of the company, said that he was confident with the guidance and leadership of Duda Melzer as the next president of the company. He believes that his nephew will take the company to the highest level of management and profitability due to his high-end technology improvement and passion in management. He will, therefore, focus on the administration of the company through accessibility aids and management capabilities. During the inauguration speech of Duda Melzer, he said cited his grandfather as the wonderful entrepreneur of the country. As a matter of fact, he would work and develop a company that would meet all the needs of a company.

Duda Melzer said that he would follow the laid management skills in technology to enhance productivity among the workers o the company. Since he started working in the company, it has fascinated his capability management skills. His interests were propelled by the vision and mission of the company propelled his high interests in the proper administration of the company in resources. Duda Melzer is always happy about the impact the company has issued to the people and the general Brazilian economy at large.

Christanna Bevin A Project Manager Like No Other

Christanna Bevin is one of the most sought Sydney-based project managers in the world. Because her excellence and professional skills are unmatched in the industry, she has kept her way ahead of the rest to ensure she is one of the most outstanding capabilities in the United States. Christanna Bevin has worked to develop high-end projects by meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the clients in numerous oppositions, through her work, she also meets and reduces the customer budget in all her projects through the various ways she has developed to mitigate market criterion. For the sake of his career continuity, she has kept up with the latest standards of innovation and project management knowledge to help her meet her daily needs in project management.


Because she always owns the work given to her hands, she will develop a keen approach to give the best opportunity in defence of the aspects of management criterion developed by the company in this relation. She has always worked to meet the deadlines kept ahead of the resultant community-based partitions in the mighty campaigns against bad governance and gave her way to good project management capabilities. Christanna Bevin has the power of administration and project management capabilities to ensure she is one of the most sought credit managers in the United States. For all projects she has managed, she has always come below the stated budget. Because she has all the necessary knowledge and experience handling multi-million projects in construction, she has always kept ahead of the standards of innovation and strict management policies in the aspect ratios.


Your project is always in great hands if you give it to her for administration and partition. Because she is one of the most experienced individuals in this industry, her services are always sought by many people to keep up with the latest technology and trend. She also has excellent oral and written skills which depict his management skills. This is one of the major qualifications for a manager to keep up with the latest trends in this service. Christanna Bevin has all which is necessitated to become a project manager like no other.


James Dondero Donates $1 Million to Finish The Family Place

James Dondero has recently announced that his firm, Highland Capital Management, will be donating in support of victims of domestic violence, contributing to the construction of the Family Place in Dallas, Texas. Though the firm’s charitable arm, the Highland Dallas Foundation, Dondero has pledged to match 50% of all donations up to $1 million pledged to the charity until April 4, 2017.


The Family Place has steadily increased its funding since opening up its campaign last October. James Dondero, one of the larger contributors to the pledge, has said that many are motivated by Mayor Mike Rawlings and Police Chief David Brown who have called for citizens of Dallas to help limit the spread of domestic violence in the city. Highland Capital Management wants to be at the forefront of that effort, and the Family Place seems like the right place to do it.


With this charitable drive, the Family Place will make new construction that will erect a new Central Dallas Counseling Center named after Ann Moody, a well-known victim of domestic violence in the city of Dallas. The Ann Moody Place will provide new bedrooms to provide shelter to victims, provide medical facilities, a manned hotline call center, group counseling for adults and children, and job training. When completed, the new space will be able to accommodate more than 2,000 victims a year. Additionally, Ann Moody Place will also be able to receive more than 6,000 students a year who opt into their programs that educate and prevent against violence in teen relationships and bullying.


About James Dondero:


President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero began his career in finance as an analyst for Morgan Guearanty before graduating to Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express. And after several years as Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life, Dondero founded Highland Capital Management with his partner Mark Okada.


From its offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Seoul, and Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management manages approximately $16 billion in assets, making it one of the largest alternative credit managers in business today. Through the Highland Dallas Foundation, Highland Capital Management invests in charities in its home city and across the country.

Increase Your Search Engine Rankings With These Simple Tips!

Negative reviews, press or any other negative feedback will have adverse impacts on your enterprise. For a better performance and overall success of your organization, you require a good online reputation. A below stellar online reputation translates to the need for expertise Online Reputation Management (ORM). Reputation Management Fixers is an excellent ORM provider that will help you push down negative search results online.

Reputation Management Fixers will assist you with:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Management – Optimizing your ability to be found in the search engines will improve your online reputation and your content will rank higher. ORM firms ensure you manage and retain a more top ranking to keep new clients flowing.

• Social Media Management – Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook will help in improving your online reputation and presence. ORM companies assist in cleaning up negative comments, reviews, posts, and pictures from your social platforms that could hurt your reputation.

• Third Party Website Monitoring – Malicious and negative info about your business may leak from an unsatisfied client or a fired employee. ORM firms will help you counteract such moves by looking for the negative reviews and using them to create a positive public attention and reaction.

Reputation Management Fixers offers the above reputation repair services and others like content development and management. To know you are dealing with the right ORM firm, consider these factors:

– The service delivery of the company.
– The goals and needs of your company.
– The cost.
– Additional perks like integrity, unique technology, empathy and expertise.

Reputation Management Fixers is an ORM company that will help you fix your online reputation. This firm is increasingly growing in popularity due to their excellent service provision and commitments to the cause. The company purposes to shield your business from malicious and negative articles, reviews and slanderous blog posts.

Helane Morrison Inspires Change in the Finance Industry

Helane Morrison is a confident pioneer and the undisputed major player in the finance industry. She came to the world of finance just at the right time when the industry needed her the most. Ms. Morrison is the kind of person who has succeeded in maintaining ethical integrity throughout her career. It’s no doubt everyone wants to do the right thing, even better, everyone knows the importance of operating within the laid down guidelines and rules. However, the difference comes with the reality of things.

The reality has shown that not everyone has the robust character to attempt the straight and narrow path. It has been the case in business and particularly in the field of finance. Finance is one industry that has suffered reputation issues in the early 2000’s. In such a field, it takes a lot of courage for any person to thrive and police it as well.

Helane Morrison was born and grew in Brooklyn. She later joined Northwestern University in Illinois where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Mrs. Morrison then furthered her education at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. As she pursued her Juris Doctor degree, she was still working as a Chief Editor of the University’s law review. She later passed the bar and was successfully admitted to practice. Working as a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals, Mrs. Morrison gained valuable experience. After working in the Court of Appeal for a year, she later moved to Supreme Court Justice. Refer to


In the Supreme Court, Mrs. Morrison made massive changes to the outdated abortion laws as well as those governing the sexual behavior. She later moved to private practice to practice law in various firms where she started gaining experience in the field of finance. As a practicing lawyer, she exposed the violation of security laws and defending those affected. It wasn’t long until the government noticed her commitment and ambition and offered her various positions in the US Securities and Exchange. Refer to


After years of government service, she made one of the most significant moves in her career in joining Hall Capital. The firm was the largest and most successful advisory firm in San Francisco. The idea was to transform the financial workplace in the company that was completely run by women. Mrs. Morrison contributed to the culture of work/life balance that Hall Capital encourages. According to her, it’s better to have people who have broader perspectives because they are better problem solvers.


Let Lime Crime Brighten Your Life

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that focuses on encouraging you to be you! Doe Deere, owner and founder, was inspired to start her own makeup business when she reached the sad realization that she couldn’t find a line of cosmetics that was vibrant enough to match the clothing she created. Her line of lipstick, Unicorn Lipsticks, went public in 2009.

Deere has since added two other lipstick lines, Velvetines and Perlees. As well as lipstick, Line Crime also makes liquid eye liner, mascara palettes and various hair products. All Lime Crime products have been cruelty-free since the start, and as of 2012, all products uphold Vegan standards as well. These standards are important to Deere and she prides herself in the quality of the products produced by her company.

If you like to stay up to date on new hair dye trends, Lime Crime is one step ahead of you. Check out hairspiration on their blog and you’ll see all of today’s current hair trends. Right now, everything from snap clips and glitter buns to peach and mint hair are being featured. Lime Crime also has your back if you have colorfully dyed hair and you need to know what color make up to match with it! Just visit and check out #limecrime on Twitter and Instagram and you can scroll through pictures of many different hair colors along with the perfect make up pairings.

Whether you can’t find the right color make up to compliment your vibrant personality or you need to liven up an outfit, Lime Crime’s page on Amazon is the perfect place to find what you’re looking for. With the expert advice they offer, you can easily brighten up your life and look amazing while doing it.  Facebook is a good way to follow them for new products.