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Hylands Homeopathic: A Brand Moms Trust

Since it was founded in 1903 by pharmacist George Hyland, the Hyland brand has been dedicated to creating natural products that encourage the body to heal itself. Hyland’s social media shows a brand that focuses on family. There are real pictures of real fathers, mothers, and children. Hyland isn’t just a company selling products. They are providing remedies to make sick children feel better. When the kids are happy, the families can get back to living their lives.


This is a video that nearly all moms can relate to. It depicts the ebbs and flows of motherhood. There are moments of frustration, joy, happiness, and sadness. The video captures the vulnerability of mom’s having to let their children go out into the world, and of sacrificing “me-time” for “mom-time”. It also shows the unnerving public meltdown that toddlers so often have. We see a mom who is the world to her child, as big as a giant. In that moment she feels helpless because she is unable to soothe her screaming toddler. A stranger is able to help, but she is no stranger at all because she, too, is a mother.


In another scene, we see two mothers, one old, one young, share a quite glance. You can see the happiness in their faces. Perhaps the young mother is thinking of the day that her daughter will marry. Perhaps the older mother is remembering when her daughter was just a baby. The commercial shows women of different ages and ethnicities sharing the common bond of motherhood.


No one worries about a child quite like their mother. Because of the bond that moms share, mothers trust other mothers’ opinions. Hyland has positioned itself as a trust-worthy provider of products that moms can feel comfortable recommending to other moms.


Hyland’s use to carry a product known as Hyland’s Teething Tablets that was recently recalled. Hyland’s Teething tablets are no longer on the market, but there have since been other products developed to help assist oral pain for babies.


Marc Beer and his Ambition to Treat Pelvic floor disorders

For decades now, scientists have been looking for therapies which will help treat pelvic floor disorders. Renovia Inc, under the leadership of Maarc Beer , has pioneered in the field by coming up with digital solutions to individual suffering from pelvic floor problems. The pelvic floor is the muscles, ligaments, connective tissues and nerves that support; pelvic organs like: bladders, rectum, and bladder. When these organs fail to function as they should, it causes a dysfunction. According to a study by National Institutes of Health, pelvic floor disorders affect 250 million women worldwide, notably, 10 percent of women ages 20 to 39, 27 percent of women ages 40 to 59, 37 percent of women ages 60 to 79 and nearly half of women age 80 or older. That is an indication of the dire need to provide solutions to the problem as it is burdensome.

Marc Beer, the co-founder, and current president of Renovia Inc, ambition is to find practical solution to a condition affecting millions of women. Renovia Inc is a womens’ health startup specializing in therapeutic ,and diagnostic products to treat pelvic floor disorders like, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse.

The company provides innovative devices and technology led health solutions to people affected by pelvic floor disorder.

Marc Beer and his partners Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie founded the company in 2016 to take care of people with pelvic floor disorders. The company secured $42.3 million from private equity and health investors, to support clinical trials, corporate development, research and development, product development and future commercial projects.

Renovia aims to diagnose better, treat and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders. The company existing devices are approved by the FDA that includes apps and data management technology. This to provide diagnosis, treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscles in real-time while collecting data on women’s pelvic health. Mr. Beer believes the company will innovate and test more new products.

Marc Beer inspiration has been driven by the desire to solve women pelvic issues. He is an executive with great passion and progressive career, with over 25 years of development and commercialization in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic industries. Marc Beer received his bachelor of science degree honors in 1987 from Miami University He worked in several other biotechnologies and pharmaceutical companies before forming Renovia. Learn more:

Infinity Group Australia Awarded by AFR as One of the Most Innovative

Infinity Group Australia Awarded by AFR as One of the Most Innovative

Australian Financial Review placed Infinity Group Australia at 58th of the most innovative businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Recebba Walker in 2013. This company is one of the largest-growing financial advising and debt reduction firms. One of Infinity Group Australia’s goals is to make sure that their clients stay on top of their finances by debt reduction, improve financial management, and to have a stable future. For 5 years after its launching, Australian Financial Review (AFR) awarded the company as one of the most innovative in the country in 2018.


AFR awarded 100 companies for seven years in their Most Innovative List. The recognition was formerly named BRW Most Innovative. This prestigious list yearly announces the best companies in terms of technological innovations, creative business models, and span of growth. Australian Financial Review also owns a publication with a total of 1.8 million readers.


The leading company in assessing innovations, called Inventium, were the judges that compiled the said list. There were also industry experts, leaders, and public figures that helped ranked the companies in order. The nominations were ranked in order of how they are leading in their respective industries, the uniqueness of their operations, company culture, as well as their ability to solve their client’s problems.


Infinity Group Australia received the 58th rank out of 1,000 other companies in New Zealand and Australia. They are considered the top 5.8% from all the nominations. Graeme Holm received the honor at the event by AFR at the Most Innovative Companies Awards Night. The event was held on July 30, 2018.



About Infinity Group Australia


Infinity Group Australia, founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, is a new concept in terms of financial training. As an MPA Top 100 broker, Mr. Holm is responsible for overseeing that their clients are receiving personalized advice about financial issues. The approach is quite unique. The company reviews the person’s spending habits, by going into detail about the household expenses and current needs. They hold several meetings with the clients to help them understand the individual’s financial situation and to adjust their spending and investing habits to meet the needs and achieve financial goals.


Australians can benefit greatly from their services, based on Infinity Group Australia reviews. Some brokers would be quick to dismiss the job when the loan for paying off the debt is already approved. However, Infinity Group Australia takes it to another level. They hire a personal banker that helps people pay off the debt as soon as possible. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson- Jack of all Trades

Clayton Hutson earned his bachelor’s degree in the niche of theater design from Central Michigan University. He then went on to receive his Master’s degree from Stephen M Ross School of Business with his major being business administration.


Moving on after graduation, Clayton went on to hold many positions with different live entertainment companies. He worked as the project manager as well as the sound engineer with these companies. Ever since Clayton was young, he always had a passion for the music industry.




Clayton Hutson moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his passion for starting his own business after working for a few different companies. Nashville presents better opportunities to maintain important business relationships as well as develop new connections. These relationships all help with growing and expanding his events production company, Ronin Event Creative.


In 2018


Clayton Hutson is a busy man with just finishing up the “Soul2Soul Tour” with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and going right into the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” with Kid Rock. Clayton is currently the Production Manager for Kid Rock’s current tour which started the beginning of this month in Maine.


Being a Production Manager consists of so many things including organizing and coordinating the big picture. Making sure everything from the very beginning of set up till the very last piece of equipment is back on the trucks after the show is all done according to plan. Clayton has to plan all this accordingly as well as deal with all the politics that go with putting on a larger event.


Clayton also has to have solutions prepared for any issues that may come up before they even happen. This is a challenge he feels he is ready and willing to take on. He showed his skills in this area on the previous tour of Kid Rock where he was the Stage Manager. Clayton let his previous experience in production and stage management to guide in finding the solutions to all the issues that came up on Kid Rock’s tour.


He was successful in the solutions he came up with, as most of the the dates of Kid Rock’s last tour were sold out. This situation was what led Kid Rock to having Clayton come back as his Production Manager on his second tour of 2018.


Clayton Hutson is a jack of all trades when it comes to live performances in the music industry. If you are wanting to put on a big show of any kind, why not give him a call. Learn more: