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Young Girl Reunited with Stolen Puppy

Eight-year-old Lexie Taylor was heartbroken after her puppy Caramel was stolen from their Essex home during a robbery in early June. Lexie had been depressed since Caramel was taken from her home. Her mother Tracy Taylor had reached out to the public for help bringing the puppy home to her despondent daughter. Lexie, who suffers from juvenile arthritis, would move around and exercise more since the puppy proved to be a motivator for her.

Tracy started a Facebook page she called “Find Caramel” which gathered over 15,000 likes from around the world. The page was also shared over 12,000 times. The story of Lexie and Caramel touched the hearts of many as they hoped that the two would be reunited. Luckily, according to the story on Sky News, someone who knew where Caramel was saw the story and saw to it that the two were brought back together.

A mother who had recently purchased a puppy for her children realized that the puppy she had purchased was the beloved and lost Caramel reports Dr. Daniel Amen in an article on the daily beat. The mother said that her children had gotten attached to the puppy in the time that they had her but she knew that returning Caramel to Lexie was the right thing to do.