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Troy McQuagge; Helping Other People Every day (HOPE) Mission.

Troy McQuagge was the mastermind behind the HOPE mission for the USHealth Group. The main reason for the establishment of HOPE was to help those who were in dire need in the society. It was launched in 2010 and since then, the organization has significantly contributed in helping many people who have been victims of diseases, poverty as well as natural calamities. As the name suggests, this organization has changed the lives of people, which is what Troy expected to do when he founded HOPE after he was promoted to the President of USHEALTH Advisors.

HOPE has taken part in a wide range of helping projects. In 2011, they contributed to their first project, which was after the Hurricane Katrina. HOPE collaborated with Phoenix of New Orleans to aid those who were affected by this disaster. The two organizations worked together to help the victims with the resources they required to get back on their feet. They spent many hours on the rescue mission, which is their main goal. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Moreover, HOPE overtook another successful project, HOPEKids Arizona. This focused on helping children who were suffering from chronic conditions. This was a great contribution because the children needed aid to be able to go through treatment and aftercare. They also offered a hand to children diagnosed with diseases and disorders that threatened their lives. Through Troy, HOPE donated money to the organization to enable them to take care of the children. Another HOPEKids branch was opened in Texas after the one in Arizona became successful.

To troy, HOPE was more than just a company that helped people in need. It was his way of giving back to the society by offering support as needed. In addition, he has been able to influence the other employees working in USHEALTH to offer support and aid to those who are disadvantaged. They have not disappointed because most of them have been actively involved in various projects and Troy appreciated their cooperation. Other then USHEALTH, more companies have joined in supporting the needy in the society. Troy McQuagge Ushealth has been a giver with a goal of improving the lives of people in the society. Visit: