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Dancing with the Stars: From Vanilla Ice to Ryan Lochte; The Cast of a Lifetime

Dancing with the Stars is no stranger to having pretty diverse cast members. This show is undoubtedly reality gold and gives viewers a profound glimpse into the lives of people who have barely been relevant for decades, but this upcoming season is full of both vintage and modern celebrities hoping to regain their moments in the spotlight. Whereas some of these stars do not need an introduction, some of them undoubtedly need to be mindful of their actions because this show is their small chance of some redemption in gaining the respect back from the public eye.

Maureen McCormick of The Brady Bunch is one of the more surprising cast members of this season, but if she still has her Marcia Brady moves, she should be golden. Vanilla Ice, a former one-hit wonder, is set to be on this season as well, which has fans eager to see if “Ice Ice Baby” will be one of his songs. James Hinchcliffe, Jana Kramer, Marilu Henner, Rick Perry, Calvin Johnson, Babyface, Laurie Hernandez, Jake T. Austin, and Terra Jolé are a few more stars who have been brushing up on their moves in preparation for the new season. Sure, fans of the show are eager to see them all perform, but who fans really want to see is Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte.

After his meets at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Lochte and other teammates put themselves in harms way, but not in the way that their original story had entailed. After fabricating a robbery story, it was later discovered that the four American swimmers had created the story to avoid getting in trouble for what they really did. Regardless, DWTS is his chance for redemption.