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Save Out Veterans

Flickr wrote the Veteran’s Association, or VA, acknowledged the problem of veteran homelessness back in 2010. It was that year that the association pledged to end chronic veteran homelessness by the end of 2015.

While the number of US veterans living on the street has dropped 33 percent, many critics of the project have a few questions of their own. No one is condemning the Veterans Association for the work that they have done, the numbers are declining and that makes for good process.

However, the idea of ending chronic veteran homelessness within the next 6 months is leaving critics unsure. Steve Peck is the CEO of a non-profit company titled U.S. Vets. Peck’s company supports the veteran community with job services, counseling, and housing for veterans in need. While Peck is impressed by the decline in homeless vets, he isn’t sure how the numbers will add up when it comes to the end of the year goal. The CEO told Military Times that he is worried that those who are ending the problem are only thinking about the end of the year and not long-term. If the volunteers are only concerned with getting to their goal, what does that mean for the veterans when they have no social services or employment?

Why isn’t anyone thinking about the veterans past the end of 2015? It is to be expected for Peck and his associates at US Vets will closely monitor the situation and step in with their services if need be. It doesn’t matter how long it might to end the tragedy of chronic homelessness, it just needs to be done.