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Two ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Members Set To Exit The Show During Upcoming Season

Any television show that gets to nine seasons is likely to begin suffering some cast changes. Actors want to move on to new projects, characters have played put their welcome or the writers are just itching to make a change. Zombie TV show “The Walking Dead” has had characters being killed off on a regular basis since episode one, but the upcoming season nine looks like it will include the exit of two popular and long-running characters.


Lauren Cohen plays “Maggie” and she had been rumored to be leaving the show for awhile. The show’s producers have just confirmed that she has agreed to appear in six of season nine’s eight-episode fall half-season, but that is expected to wrap up her run on the show. Cohen has signed on to the new ABC drama “Whiskey Cavalier” and she has agreed to shoot her “Walking Dead” scenes during the hiatus of the ABC production.


While Andrew Lincoln has officially signed on to appear in season nine of the show, reports suggest he won’t be part of the entire season nine and won’t return for a possible season ten. Lincoln has been part of the series since episode one and in many ways has been the center of the show, so his exit will definitely change the chemistry of the series.


As you might expect, there aren’t any details about how he’ll leave the show. Although a flash forward scene in one of last season’s episodes seemed to suggest that Rick Grimes will end up living to an old age.