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Cone Marshall: A Leading New Zealand Trust, Estate, and Tax Law Firm

Founded in 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand, Cone Marshall has grown and developed into one of New Zealand’s best and biggest firms that deal with trust, estate, and tax. The firm works with international families and their advisers by offering advice in establishing trusts, partnerships, and companies in the firm’s home country of New Zealand. Additionally, Cone Marshall provides global wealth and tax planning guidance. The firm has always and still currently adheres to the highest principles of transparency regarding tax and trusts, and guarantees that all advice it gives clients is the best it can offer.

Geoffrey Cone, one of the big wigs over at Cone Marshall, has been providing international trust and tax planning, as well as well as trustee and trust management services since 1980. His expertise and knowledge has become known to many, as he was even elected spokesperson to represent the tax industry in his NZ a model of transparency article he wrote for a popular New Zealand paper.  This 2012 article which debunked the idea that New Zealand was a tax haven with some sort of secretive private banking industry. On the contrary, he pointed out the New Zealand is one of the original members of the 2002 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters, and that the country adheres to the principles of this agreement. He claims that the increase in foreign trusts in New Zealand is due to the country’s professional infrastructure, safe market, and economic jurisprudence.

Another key member of Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall. Prior to joining the firm in 2005, she worked for 10 years as a member of a Commercial Litigation department of a London law firm. She is known to have a wide variety of experience on managing trusts and currently serves as an adviser to two statutory trustee companies, and was promoted to a principal of the firm in 2006. Her experience with the firm even extends all the way up to being an acting directory of a trust company in the role of trustee.

New Zealand’s Tax Transparency Model

Recent media coverage about New Zealand’s foreign tax trusts makes it sound as if it is a tax haven. However, OECD maintains that New Zealand is not a tax haven, never has, and is unlikely to feature on it. Tax havens impose only nominal taxes, lack transparency, and their tax procedures inhibit the exchange of information with other governments. As such, New Zealand does not qualify on any of the grounds above. Furthermore, their private banking industry is not secretive as perceived. New Zealand featured on OECD’S white list of the countries that complied with the internationally agreed tax standard.

Over the years, New Zealand has been handling foreign tax trusts with transparency. Therefore, New Zealand’s tax system allows other government to access relevant information. The new tax rule in New Zealand was introduced by Michael Cullen in 2006 after extensive consultation. Under this regime, trustees of a foreign trust are required to submit IR607 form and comply with the New Zealand’s tax authority. These financial records include trust deeds, details of trust’s assets and liabilities, distribution and settlement details, and the amount of money spent and received by the trustee. Notably, all records must be recorded in English and kept in New Zealand. Failure to comply with the requirements attracts hefty penalties.

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a New Zealand’s leading global-scale Trust, Estate, and Tax Law Firm. Located in Auckland, Cone Marshall Law Firm was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Before joining Cone Marshall, Karen Marshall worked in London’s Commercial Litigation department for ten years. As an advisor to statutory trustee companies, Karen Marshall has an extensive experience in managing trusts. Conversely, Geoffrey Cone is described as one of New Zealand’s top tax lawyers in a NZ article written May 2016.

In an article posted on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, Mr. Cone discredits the notion that New Zealand’s tax transparency model was somehow a tax haven and with a secretive private banking industry. Instead, Cone pointed out that New Zealand subscribed to the principals embodied in the gold standard for transparency. Explaining why New Zealand’s foreign trusts have increased, Mr. Cone said that New Zealand is internationally recognized as a safe country with a well-structured judiciary and substantial legal and professional infrastructure. New Zealand’s reputation as a safe place for investment has led to the increased foreign trusts.

The Midas Legacy Can Do Anything Needed

It is tremendous when there is a company out there that can handle many things at once. After all, it is easier dealing with one company as opposed to numerous. It can become overwhelming and quite the challenge to say the least. That is why The Midas Legacy has prided themselves on being a jack of all trades for their clients. Whatever they need done, they can do it and they will do it smoothly and efficiently. They truly get pleasure and joy out of helping people that might be stuck in a spot in their life where they are not exactly sure what to do or how they want to go about doing it.

That is uncommon and it is quite normal, as a matter of fact. It is the way of the world today. Maybe people reach a certain age or a certain point in their life where they feel lost and unsure of themselves. Perhaps they have been at a job for a number of years and they have lost their zest and passion for it. It has become only a job for them, nothing more and nothing less. It is a way to pay the bills and a way to be able to keep their head above water.

At times, they might even feel like a robot at this job. Maybe they are looking for a career change, but the thought of it scares the heck out of them. Some people embrace change and others run away from it and want nothing to do with it. They need the motivation and they need The Midas Legacy to let them know they can do it and it is possible. This person might have a family and they are not there for important events like birthdays, holidays, and games their children are involved in on a consistent basis.

This can leave them feeling left out and as if they are not there when they truly want to be. They realize that maybe it is time to become an entrepreneur and start doing that job they have always talked about and dreamed about their whole life. Now, it can become real life and they can be there and never miss anything again. More than that, they feel alive again and like nothing is impossible for them or out of reach. It is there for the taking and The Midas Legacy has their back.

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The Best Wealth Management Advisory: The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is leading research services company that has its niche in wealth management advisory. The company has got its headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida.

The company offers advisory with periodic articles publications in Real estate riches and management, wall street trading and advisory, natural health and cures together with best health practices, strategy for better retirement and discipline of the self. The Midas Legacy has got on board a term of experts with the best experience and vast knowledge who are the lead experts in the different areas that the firm offers its advisory in.

On board is Jim Samson, who is the Publisher of the company. Jim has got vast experience in the financial market and is lauded for calling the financial bubbles in 2006 and even recommended gold to its subscribers. He helps his clients in saving huge sums of money by well in time purchasing gold and hence escaping the scare that came with the collapse of the financial market in 2007. The chief editor at the company is Sean Bowers. He is a professional journalist with vast experience in the financial market. Sean should well be remembered for correctly predicting a 10% upside for Toyota way before the company reported a 10% increase in its profits.

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The company equally has got Mark Edwards, who is a natural health expert as its lead experts. Mark spreads the knowledge of natural cures together with responsible health practices and the kind of foods that should be avoided a thing non¬-of the corporations will tell you. He is the author of the articles on natural cures and has helped the company’s clients regaining their previous good health and saving the huge medical bills by using the natural cures.

The Midas Legacy’s clients range from individuals who want to unlock their secretes in life and better their life situation, entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and those who are keen to use nature to cure their illnesses to individuals in their retirement and those who are about to retire.

The company’s research and articles together with advisory have helped its clients in better dealing with retirement by properly investing their savings in profitable ventures and properly predicting the market trends and cycles so as to have its clients benefit from the market failure using the technique of shorting the market. Individuals equally get to unlock the secret to riches using the 80/20 principle that helps individuals start spending much of their time on productive tasks that will bring them wealth.

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