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Celebrities Past And Present: Whoopi Goldberg Curates a New Marilyn Monroe Exhibit

Acclaimed entertainer Whoopi Goldberg will curate an exhibit entitled “Marilyn: Character Not Image” which seeks to draw attention to some of the less well publicized talents of the late film star, Marilyn Monroe. The display features a long gown Marilyn Monroe wore when she performed at a birthday celebration for President John F. Kennedy. It also showcases poetry and artwork created by the late actress. The display includes photos of the star taken by Milton Greene. The Mana Contemporary gallery hosts the event in Jersey City, New Jersey between September 25th and October 22nd.

Marilyn Monroe wore the sultry evening gown displayed in the exhibit at Madison Square Gardens on May 19, 1962. The film star serenaded JFK with a sexually-charged version of the song “Happy Birthday” during an early birthday celebration for the President at a Democratic Party fundraising gala.

In November, the dress will go on auction in Los Angeles. Julien’s Auctions expects the famous attire to command at least $2 million. The anticipated price tag would make the sequin-covered gown by designer Jean-Paul a very expensive item of high fashion history!

Whoopi Goldberg told reporters she hoped the exhibit would shed light on the private side of Marilyn Monroe, showcasing some of her less well known talents, such as writing and art. Born in 1926 as “Norma Jean Mortenson”, but better known to fans by her stage name, Marilyn Monroe gained fame as a film industry sex symbol. She died from a drug overdose in 1962.