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Willow Smith Opens Up About Self-Harming When She Made It Big

The vast majority of fans focuses on the celebrities and making every moment of their life a thing of public concern. Consequently, few give much thought to the children that live in the shadow of intense media scrutiny and being followed by paparazzi. Such is the case with the Smith family. Will Smith made his break to stardom from his role in The Fresh Prince of Bellaire. His wife has always been in the public eye as well. It was their daughter, Willow, that shocked both when she confessed she started cutting at just nine years of age. When she released her hit song “I Whip My Hair,” things seemed to spiral out of control.

Willow Smith has not got much media attention since her song hit the top of the charts in 2010. The now 17-year-old wants to share her story with others who self-harm in a way to find sanity in a crazy world. Why do people self-harm? It is a way to release anxiety, and it is a cry for help. Willow had all the support she could have ever asked for, especially since both of her parents were very hands-on during her upbringing. Still, she felt lost and alone after she had seemingly made it to the top.

Pinkett-Smith, her mother, was shocked and in denial that such actions went on under the radar. Children these days, even those who come from posh upbringings, often go through dark places. When in these rough patches, they need support more than ever.