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Nine Beauty Life Hacks Suggested by the Infamous Wengie

Those who wear makeup uniformly agree that cosmetics are life. In fact, some people base their entire careers on makeup application and the hacks that make it easier, including YouTube personality, Wengie. Though the blogger delivers simple, cutting-edge makeup tutorials regularly, she also creates life hack videos from time to time that eliminate the stress associated with buying or putting on makeup, including:

1. When putting on concealer, people tend to clump it on under their eyes before working it around their entire face. Instead of a simple blob of concealer, apply it in a triangle formation under the eye. This adds brightness and contributes to a neater appearance.

2. Drawing a three on your face that begins from the forehead and ends before the chin creates a path for when you are ready to contour.

3. When you unscrew the lid of your foundation, you will more than likely find clumpy, dried makeup in its wake. Instead of brushing it off, consider using it as a concealer.

4. Lining your waterline with white eyeliner drastically brightens your eye.

5. Keeping up with the white eyeliner theme, using this as a primer for your eyelid before applying the shadow will reduce creasing. However, it does make your shadow appear brighter, so consider that when planning out your makeup for the day when using this hack.

6. White eyeliner applied to the middle of your top and bottom lip before putting on lipstick or gloss makes your lips appear voluptuous.

7. Even those with the fiercest winged eyeliner will admit that their look for the day took them quite a few attempts before they perfected their wing. To avoid this obnoxious trial and error stage each day, use a card or piece of tape along the corner of your eye; trace the wing accordingly.

8. Holding a spoon against your upper lashline will reduce the risk of getting mascara on your perfect eyeshadow. Mention must be made that this sometimes results in clumpy lashes that some people do not necessarily care for.

9. Putting on your mascara in the direction of your nose is said to widen the appearance of your eye.


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