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How The Chainsmokers Made It To Number One

To be number one on the Billboard Charts has to be every artist’s dream. Being at the top of the Billboard Charts describes how popular and common an artist’s or group’s music is amongst fans. To be number one is a dream come true that many just do not get to experience. But to get there requires a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and talent. The Chainsmokers are a prime example of what a musical group must embody to reach number one.

Currently, The Chainsmokers are experiencing the joys of having a hit album. Their album titled Memoriess…Do Not Open rests at number on the Dance/EDM charts for Billboard. They have had incredible hits that has caused their album to surge to the top. From the looks of how things have been going for the past week, this group is going to see many more weeks of number one success.

The electronic music category is flourishing. For awhile now, the EDM scene has been dominated by a few big names like Calvin Harris. But that is all changing for this category. More artists and groups are becoming established amongst the EDM scene. It is good to see a category that use to be so small grow into a popular and beloved kind of music. But with the growth of more artists in this category, comes competition. But The Chainsmokers have nothing to fear. The Chainsmokers have experienced a successful year of releasing top hits and a number one album.

The Chainsmokers are new on the scene. But their passion and work for music has been in process for years. They have been perfecting their craft since their early days in New York City. It was here that the bandmates Drew Taggart and Alex Pall met. They were both djs trying to make a name for themselves. Eventually, the two linked up. Once they met, they were an instant musical match. They began to write and make music. It took some time but eventually Alex Pall and Drew Taggart were able to share The Chainsmokers to the entire world.

Kim Dao Explains Why She’s Traveling To Denmark In A Recent Emotional Video

Kim Dao is a tremendously successful Australian YouTuber who creates videos on fashion, beauty, and travel. One of Kim Dao’s latest vlogs, entitled “What happened to me? | I’m going to Denmark,” has got a lot of her fans talking in recent weeks.

Kim Dao starts off by meeting a friend and heading out on a trip the Harajuku district of Tokyo. The two begin their adventure by shopping in Harajuku, then they take a breather at a café for some fancy tea and hot chocolate.

After they are done with their tea, Kim Dao and her friend go shoe shopping. Once they’ve tired of shopping, Kim and her friend sit down for a hearty hot pot meal.

The bulk of this video, however, mainly deals with Kim Dao talking directly to her viewers once she returns home. Kim Dao says while she was filming a video for someone else’s YouTube page she got an urgent phone call. Dao was informed by her mother that her grandmother, who lived in Denmark, just passed away. This came as a huge shock to Kim Dao, who had been planning on visiting her grandma in July.

Kim Dao said she is still planning on going to Denmark to travel in the summer, but now she is packing her clothes to attend the funeral. She also talks about some regrets she’s had over leaving her family and boyfriend in Australia to live out her dreams in Japan.

Later in the video, Kim Dao talks about her stressful experience booking a flight for Denmark. At the end, Kim Dao thanks all of her subscribers and fans for all their support.

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Achieving Fame On YouTube

The fact is that a few well known YouTubers achieved instant fame with their videos. Their videos were on a wide variety of topics. One top personality on the site achieved fame by simply sitting down in front of a camera and playing video games for an hour or so. Most people would think that this is truly boring. However, he’s achieved billions of views and millions of followers. Indeed, PewDiePie is the man on YouTube. Other top YouTube Vloggers include people delivering their opinions about Minecraft, games, fashion, music, beauty, and more.

Achieving Fame
If you build it, they will come. You have to post on a regular basis and build a following. Post daily, or at least several times a week. Make sure that the videos are very original. Perhaps, something that has never been shared on the site before. It might concern important information, a personal talent, or just a hot topic. Self promotion is also important. Ask your friends, family, and online contacts to visit your channel and post comments. Post to other channels and leave your channel name. This is the way to build up interest in your channel that just might lead to fame. Certainly, it is also important to make sure that the videos uploaded are high quality and entertaining.

Everybody Loves Wengie
People like YouTube because it is all about communication and sharing information. Wendy Huang of the Wonderful World of Wengie loves sharing her beauty videos with her followers on YouTube. Wendy Huang is an Australian native and one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the country.

Wengie’s Rise
Clearly, it was inevitable that Wengie would rise to the top. Her channel shares all the best elements for success. Wendy Huang has created a channel that is interesting, entertaining, and well produced. Wendy Huang developed a love for fashion and beauty at a very young age. Fortunately, beauty and fashion are hot topics on the site. She quickly attracted millions to her site that were interested in her beauty tutorials and advice. She lives in Australia. However, her followers are from every corner of the world.