CCMP Capital’s profile in Equity Investment

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on patch is an equity investment firm that is privately owned. The firm is dedicated and has its eyes on industrial, energy, healthcare and media industry. The New York based company is dedicated to acquisition and growth equity investments and specializes in companies that are based in North America and the entire Europe. The amount of capital that is made in a single transactions is between $100million to $500 million.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital started trading under the name JP Morgan Partners but was received a blow in 2006 when most of its investor professionals turned their backs on JP Morgan Chase. Since 2007, it is estimated that the firm has invested heavily in leveraged buyout and growth to a tune of $12 billion. Currently the company ranks position 17 in the world in the private equity funds category. Prior to its formation, the company had other smaller partners who have continued to separate from the parent company JP Morgan to start independent ventures. Some of these companies include Panorama Capital, which is dedicated to the early stages of investing in information technology and life sciences industry, Unitas Capital which has capital market investments in Asian and Europe and Linzor Capital which has interest in Latin America’s private equity investments.

In its quest to do business in retail, consumer and service industry, the company does offer special world class services in retail consumer packaged goods, direct marketing, and plays a major role in servicing service industry. The firm also has its eyes in telecommunication and media industry where it has invested heavily in wireless and wireline communication services, content and programming, cable and broadcasting services. It is also a stakeholder as well as an investor in the industrial sector with investments in distributing, manufacturing, chemicals as well as automotive sector. The equity investment firm has interests in the energy industry. It is dedicated to conducting exploration and production, renewable energy, power generation and services sector in this field. To add to its long list of investments, it has invested in the healthcare sector by manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products as well as servicing the sector.

The company owes its success to the selfless and strategic leadership of philanthropist Stephen P. Murray. The economics graduate of Boston College, class of 1984, earned a master degree in business administration just five years later from Columbia Business School. His career with JP Morgan began in 1991 when he worked as credit analyst during training program set up by Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He later worked with Chemical Venture Partners who had formed a merger with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996. He got a promotion at JP Morgan in 2005 to become head of buyout business. After a spinout that saw JP Morgan Chase move out of JP Morgan Capital, he was named the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

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