Charles Koch Supports Bernie Sanders Views on Income Inequality

In a rare but sudden twist of events, Charles Koch, one of the Koch brothers has come out to say that he agrees with Bernie Sanders views in regards to Income inequality. It is an interesting turn of events considering the fact that Sanders has been on a campaign publicly blasting the Koch brothers and declaring that he does not support their activities.

Charles and David Koch, the billionaire Industrialists at the helm of Koch Industries Inc, are members of a political organization known for spending hundreds of millions of dollars in political campaigns to push free-market ideas in elections. Sanders, an independent senator, a Democrat, and a known socialist however dislike them and the ideas they push. The senator, according to the USA Today consistently refers to the Koch brothers whenever he has remarks to make in regards to the “oligarchic society” the country seems to be shifting towards. The system involves a few billionaires controlling the political and economic system, leading to a widening gap between the rich and the poor.
Apparently, Charles Koch agrees with Sanders, as far as a “rigged” political and economic system is concerned. The Koch Industries CEO understands the senator’s frustrations in regards to a system that is tilted to favor a few privileged individuals at the expense of the entire population. Charles agrees that Sanders thoughts of the existence of a two-tier society that progressively oppresses millions and spells doom and poverty are indeed right. He further agrees that corporations are indeed beneficiaries of corporate welfare, while in return, ordinary citizens are neither presented with opportunities, nor a level playing field.
However, Koch is of the opinion that policies picking winners and losers are to blame for the cycle of poverty, dependency, and cronyism that is characteristic of the U.S. The scenario hampers progress and drives the country further away from a society that is mutually beneficial for all.
Additionally, Koch also shares similar views to Sanders as far as criminal justice is concerned. Charles Koch thinks that indeed the criminal justice reforms are a necessity and should be looked into.
Koch is, however, particular that agreeing to Sanders does not mean it is an endorsement in the making. Koch comments that often Sanders sounds like his running against him alongside other presidential candidates. Koch is also against Sanders’ desire to expand the government’s control over people’s lives. He thinks Sanders is very much okay with the fact that Koch is not endorsing him.

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