Chris Pratt May Be the Next Indiana Jones


Actor Chris Pratt is on fire lately! He began to rise to fame as the sweet but dimwitted Andy Dwyer on the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation but his recent movies have made him a hot commodity. He recently had a starring voice over role in the Lego Movie and had the leading male role, Peter Quill, in the huge hit Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now, according to there are rumors that Pratt’s next major role may be as the adventurer Indiana Jones. Disney bought the rights to the films from Paramount a few years ago and are looking into bringing the character back, this released from Oliveira. Disney is eyeing Chris Pratt to take over for Harrison Ford. Disney has yet to confirm anything so these are rumors for now.

I really enjoy Chris Pratt and I love the original Indiana Jones franchise with Harrison Ford (although I think we can all just forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ). I’m not sure how I feel about Hollywood possibly rebooting the franchise. Hollywood has been on a rebooting role lately with the latest being Ghostbusters and Star Wars. Maybe it is time Hollywood reached outside of the box and gave us something new to appreciate and love.

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