Christopher Burch: the innovative entrepreneur.

Currently the chief executive officer of the creative capital, a company he founded, Chris Burch has been a severe entrepreneur and investor for over a period spanning nearly four decades.

He has aided in the growth of expensive brands, for instance, Faena Hotel, jawbone, Voss water and popping. He has also been one of the board members of the continuum group.

Chris entrepreneurial story began in the late 1970’s when he was at the Ithaca College.

Chris Burch partnered with his brother and they both invested 2000 dollars to start a business, the Eagle Eye Apparel. Later they sold the company to the Swore group for a cost of over 150 million dollars.

By finding the link between innovation and implementation, Mr. Burch was able to achieve tremendous success. In the internet capital group, his experience has enabled him to utilize a sourcing infrastructure and build direct customer channels.

Through his various investments, Burch has been able to create a diversified portfolio. He has focused on activities such as the development of luxurious homes in different parts of Network and Southampton, redevelopment of underutilized land and acquisition of luxurious resorts on the Indonesian island located in Sumba.

Chris Burch has highly invested in real estate. Through his partnership with the Phillips stark, an architect and Alan Famer, a hotelier. They started developing the Faena hotel based in Buenos Aires in 2014, a building previously used for storage of grains. In the same year, they invested in developer projects by purchasing condos in the Faena house with the aim of fully developing the south beach, read (

Through his investments, he has been able to reap profits, primarily from property renovations. For instance, in Southampton and west village he acquired buildings, renovated them and later sold them at a profit.

In the year 2013, Christopher Burch completed the acquisition of the Nihiwatu resort on Sumba Island. 30 million was spent in the renovation of the resort, and it finally reopened in 2015. Nihi has received various accolades, for instance, the best hotel in the earth by the travel and leisure a year after it began operation.

Chris claims to have bought the piece as an inheritance for his children and as a way of giving back to the community. Nihi has grown beyond expectations. A wave side beachfront has aided in the beauty of the Nihiwatu resort. Besides that, the historical mystique still kept at the island hence making it unique.

Chris Burch has also offered a helping hand to other entrepreneurs and also ensuring that he uses his available knowledge and innovative ideas to make an impact to the society since he believes in achieving the extraordinary out of the world.

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