Christopher Cowdray Grows More and More

Christopher Cowdray is now the CEO of the Dorchester Collection. Now, this collection has since spanned to cover several different hotels throughout the world, and while it is not as large as many of the other hotel chains, it is one of the most prestigious. Since being around in 1996, the hotel chain contains 10 different locations. Christopher Cowdray, from Zimbabwe, became the CEO of the company due to his tireless work in the industry and his experience with working and managing hotels throughout the world. Knowing a bit more about the Dorchester Collection can help shed some light on his overall career though.

First, looking at the different hotels it is possible to see where the Dorchester Collection focuses most of its time. The Dorchester is the original hotel purchased by the company (Brunei Investment Agency is the parent company of the hotel chain). This hotel has been the main stay of the hotel chain sin 1986. It is located in London, but it is no longer the only hotel located in the United Kingdom that is managed by the Dorchester Collection and Christopher Cowdray. Coworth Park, located in Ascot was purchased and refurbished in 2008 and then reopened in 2010. Following this, Christopher Cowdray acquired the 45 Park Lane hotel in 2011. This is actually the smallest hotel in the entire collection as it has just 45 rooms, but it is the perfect boutique hotel for those who are looking for it.

Inside the United States, while the Dorchester Collection did originally have a hotel located inside of the city of New York, it now is focused on the West Coast as The Beverly Hills Hotel has been open since 1995 and the Hotel Bel-Air opened up in LA in 2011 (after two years of renovations). The rest of the hotels managed by the chain are in Europe. There are two in France with the Le Meurice and The Plaza Athenee. The Le Richmond in Switzerland is operated by the company and is actually the oldest hotel in Geneva and then there are two in Italy, with the Hotel Principle di Savoi and Hotel Eden.

Beyond just hotels though, Christopher Cowdray managed and overseas several different restaurants and spas. Many of these are located inside of the hotels, although not all of the hotels feature their own restaurants, so it just adds to the intrigue and sophistication of the collection.

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