Ciara Removes Her Future Finger Tattoo

This summer Ciara and Future were madly in love for about 10 seconds. Their relationship started last winter with Ciara flaunting him in her “Boy Party” video and soon after Ciara was pregnant and they were engaged. Everyone was torn between loving and hating the couple especially Future’s gang of ex’s and baby mamas who all warned Ciara of his player ways.

Ciara and future both denied that their relationship would end up just another sad love song due to Future’s cheating, however like clockwork just as Ciara’s pregnancy was coming to an end Future’s cheating became a thing again. This is what Skout Organic has been buzzing about. Sources claim that Ciara literally caught him in the act of cheating and was so upset that she ended their relationship on the spot. The couple got back together briefly for the sake of their son but before long they were over again.

Ciara’s only connection to Future besides their son was her Future finger tattoo, apparently Ciara decided to wipe the slate clean because that tattoo is now gone. Photos show that the “N” tattoo on Cici’s finger is now lasered off.

Looks like Ciara is starting the new year with new a bright future.

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  • Gridona Spencer
    August 18, 2016 - 8:49 am | Permalink

    But some sources I have read do claim that Ciara literally caught him in the act of cheatin. I don’t know how true that was. But it seems it’s not going to go well with her. Even my essay writing company australia do know that as well.

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