Cleaning Company Homejoy Files For Bankruptcy. Now What?

Another start up company in the cleaning business has filed for bankruptcy. If you watch the news you see this happening more and more with so many companies. Eighties heart-throb David Hasselhoff was hired to star in one of the commercials for Homejoy. It is uncertain if that commercial helped to lead the actions that started the chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Clorox company had something to do with the whole Homejoy and David Hasselhoff mix, but, regardless of what roles are played, the bankruptcy has been filed.

If you or someone you know is a Homejoy customer, this can leave you in a real bind. The good news is that there are many other companies who are willing and able to get you the same great service and these companies are not fighting it out with the court system. For example, if you are looking for a cleaning service with a great reputation, Handy is there to help you.

Handy is a cleaning company that has been in business for several years. The service professionals at Handy provide high quality cleaning service and chances are good that they can pick up with other cleaning services have left off. This means you will experience uninterrupted cleaning service regardless of what happens to the company you did business with in the past. If you are totally new to using a cleaning service, you are in for a pleasant experience with Handy.

The good news with Handy is they don’t limit the services they offer to just cleaning services. If you need a plumber or another type of home repair service, you can go online and book a reliable service person using the Handy app. They also offer Ikea furniture delivery and installation. This works out great for parents who have students moving into a university dorm or for anyone who is looking to move into an apartment or home. Some of the local offices use this service too. Ikea makes a small truckload of great furniture that can be used in so many situations. Having Handy do the install and the cleaning of your home or office is a great idea on so many levels.

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