Companies like O2Pur Lead the Way With Diverse Offerings

If you think changing Cannabis laws, and the chattering of social media have dented the tobacco market, you’re right… and you’re wrong! While there may be dark clouds on the horizon, some alternative companies are seeing their way through the smoke!

As traditional cigarette sales wane, e-cigarette sales continue to rise. With the pendulum now swinging, smaller e-cig vendors who had been watching the industry decline from the sidelines, have now begun to capitalize on the changing landscape.

Traditionally, large corporations spent millions (billions for most tobacco giants) to keep users informed and interested in their offerings. Now, by utilizing new trends in marketing, SEO, and social media, companies like Utah based O2Pur are able to level the playing field and compete with any other producer, regardless of size or market cap. And the way to keep your costs down, and your loyal following on the uptrend, is by offering a fair price and larger selections than traditional cigarette companies have offered! And that’s exactly what O2Pur has done.

With dozens of items in their online store, O2Pur customers can find both E-cig “Vaping” oils in multiple flavors and sizes, as well as every conceivable accessory. And keeping themselves relevant in an ever-increasing competitive landscape, comes by introducing those new flavors, oil types, and technology as the market ebbs and flows.

Surviving in this new world of social economies, it will be a far easier task for a company that is focused on providing products in a “niche” space than for large churning factories who still rely on the weather and global economics to set prices!

In the end, the smaller e-cig vendors like O2Pur will continue to do well, and that cloud on the horizon may very well just be a group of their happy customers sampling today’s newest flavor!

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