Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Charitable Giving In Estate Planning

The recent election of the new President of the United States has had a remarkable effect on world government systems. On election night, countries around the world filled television station networks with a non-stop streaming of live coverage of the results. Now that America has elected a new president, many countries are attempting to gauge the potential effects of a new American president on the global economy. New Zealand government officials, in particular, have spent a great deal of effort determining the appropriate response to the changing American system. In an effort to secure New Zealand’s economic status and global government standing, representatives from Cone Marshall recommended that citizens who earn an income that is above the average household income consider making an investment in charitable giving causes. Geoffrey Cone, Cone Marshall’s founding partner and CEO, has recently stated that an increase in charitable giving will allow New Zealand citizens to establish a secure economy, build important connections with powerful nations, and reduce the country’s overall debt levels.


Establishment of a Secure Economy

Because Cone Marshall is New Zealand’s most prominent and successful law firm and offers legal assistance to thousands of customers each year, the company’s stance on economic measures is highly regarded by New Zealand’s citizens and government. Representatives from Cone Marshall believe that an increase in the country’s charitable donations will help to stabilize the economy by allowing businesses and government services to operate without undue financial burden. Cone Marshall attorneys have offered to assist families who wish to make charitable donations to determine which organization would benefit most from a donation. Cone Marshall attorneys will also assist New Zealand families with the tax write-offs that accompany charitable donations. Cone Marshall representatives believe that these techniques will prompt families to increase donation amounts.


Building Important Connections With Powerful Nations and Reduction of Debt

Cone Marshall representatives also believe that an increase in charitable giving by New Zealand citizens will impact the country’s relations with other nations. An increase in charitable donations among New Zealand citizens will effect business growth and government programs in a positive way. Business and government, in turn, will effect global relations due to the stabilization of the nation’s economy. Cone Marshall attorneys hope that an increase in charitable giving will stabilize the New Zealand economy in such a way that it is no longer dependent on the changing government systems of other nations. Attorneys at Cone Marshall also emphasized the fact that the positive impact of charitable giving would drastically reduce the nation’s debt.


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