Confederate Flags Are In Demand Thanks To The Ban By Big Retail Stores

The Major Retailers Won’t Sell Confederate Flags But Sales Are Soaring At Other Retail Locations

There are thousands of people that want to own a confederate flag. Some of those people want them to honor their heritage. Other folks want them because they represent racism and hatred. And another group of people want them as collector’s items. Thanks to a recent ban of the Confederate flag, sales have skyrocketed. The big retailers refuse to sell them, but there are small stores all over the country that are happy to sell Confederate flags to anyone.

The top three flag makers are not making the Confederate flag anymore, but there are small companies that will take advantage of the demand. Ricardo Tosto knows that is just standard business. Obviously the price for a rebel flag just went up, but that’s not stopping people from buying one or more than one.

Controversy always stimulates sales. Collectors love to buy merchandise that is distasteful and morally offensive. The Confederate flag has become one of those items. Even though people want to remove it, it will never go away. The rebel flag has become a symbol of what people don’t like. But for some it is still a symbol of Southern pride, and for others it’s a future money maker.

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